Covid 19 Protocols

Doors are Closed

But We Are Open

Van Isle Labradoodles Covid 19 Protocols 

Van Isle Labradoodles is open for business during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

90% of our process is already online and we have taken a few extra measures to ensure we continue to practice appropriate social distancing and a no contact purchase process.

Things that will stay the same:


All transfers of money are already handled via E-transfer. See Purchasing page for more info.


We provide weekly puppy updates via video on You Tube.

Check out our You Tube Channel

Things that will change:

Family Visits

Family visits are not possible during social distancing and we have decided to roll out a no contact family visit.

Each new puppy family will enjoy an individual live video visit with the puppies followed by a live group video call with the other families. The group call allows for each family to ask their questions and everyone to benefit from the answers to those questions.

Puppy Pick-up

pick-up information will be offered  via video prior to pick-up

Each puppy will be washed and thereafter handled with gloved hands.

They will be placed in a sterilized crate. That crate will be placed outside the front of Van Isle Doodles’ home for you to pick your puppy up.

Pick-up times will be scheduled and staggered to ensure no pick-up times overlap and there is no unnecessary social contact.

Picture of Van ISle Doodles home. Main house on the left and gate for pick up to the right
The view of our house from the road
picture of Van Isle Doodles front gate with a crate (ripple modelling in the crate for us) and puppy pick up pack on top of the crate and a month's worth of food in a box next to the crate.
Where you will find your new puppy and gear!
A carmel puppy wrapped in a towel just after bathing
Clean puppy!
couple picking up new puppy - sunny day, white SUV in background, snuggling new puppy
Social distancing at puppy pick up

we will take pictures from a safe social distance

New Puppy Supplies

In order to facilitate social distancing and to reduce shopping trips during Covid 19, we are offering a complete puppy supply package for $895.

Feel free to pick and choose items

Puppy Supply Package:

Appropriately sized plastic crate

24 x 30 inch exercise pen

Age appropriate toys (5)

2 stainless bowls – 1 water and 1 food

1 treat pouch

A 6 foot training leash

Car booster seat with safety restraint

120 biodegradable poop bags

1 high sided donut bed – handmade in Canada – safe for both washer AND dryer

1 medium crate mat – handmade in Canada – safe for both washer AND dryer

Slicker brush designed for Australian labradoodle grooming needs

Butter comb designed for Australian labradoodle grooming needs

Puppy appropriate natural shampoo (helps to repel fleas and ticks)

Selection of Canadian made appropriate treats and chews

4 weeks of appropriate food and bones

$35 coupon for online training from Pawsitive Results

All items have been wiped down with sanitizer out of an abundance of caution.

Food and Treat Delivery

We are rolling out contactless delivery to your door of food, bones and treats during social isolation.

All items have been wiped down with sanitizer out of an abundance of caution.


We will be providing a variety of socialization, grooming and training tips via social media and You Tube through the Covid 19 Pandemic to ensure you and your puppy get off to the right start.

We hope this answers any questions you may have on how Van Isle Doodles is helping to stop the spread of Covid 19. If you have an special arrangments you may require during the pandemic please reach out and Contact Us.