Guardian Program


Guardian homes are the extended family of Van Isle Labradoodles. When you become a guardian home one of our puppies or adult dogs comes to live with you forever. We develop a close relationship with our Guardians and work together during a dog’s short breeding career. Litters are born and cared for at our house while the dog lives with you the rest of the time.

What is a Guardian Family? 

It is important that our dogs each have a loving and caring family to call their own, but we also need to have the highest quality genetic diversity for our breeding program to be successful. Once the breeding career of the dog is complete, the dog will be neutered/spayed at our expense, full ownership
transferred to you and your initial investment returned as a thank you from us.

Australian Labradoodles are an incredibly social breed of dog.  Doodles live primarily for time with their humans and suffer when they are not able to receive regular one on one time with their family members.

As Australian Labradoodle breeders, we are very sensitive to just how much time we are able to devote to the adult dogs who live with us.  This must be balanced with our desire to continue to develop and improve our breeding program and thus further enhance the Australian Labradoodle breed overall.  While it would be wonderful to be able to keep all our dogs at home with us, we recognize this is not in the dogs’ best interests as we could not possibly provide an unlimited number of dogs with adequate devotion and attention.  We do not wish to operate as a kennel and quite honestly feel that kennel operations are adverse to the best interests of any labradoodle.  This is where a guardian home comes into play. 

What Guardian Families Have to say…

How Does it Work?

As a Guardian Family you essentially partner with the Van Isle Labradoodle family for a contracted period of time.  For a female that entails three litters.  For a male that entails usually a period of four years.   We hand select the top prospect from a litter in terms of conformation and temperament and then match the puppy to a Guardian Family. A puppy placed into a Guardian Family is that family’s puppy for life! The monetary arrangement for being a Guardian family involves a security deposit rather than payment. As our thank you for having partnered with us, we return the security deposit to you in full when your dog retires from breeding.

What are the Costs?

The cost of a Guardian puppy is a security deposit in the amount of $1,500.00. This is significantly less than the purchase price of a puppy. Once the puppy is about 6 months old we then begin the process of doing formal health testing. All testing costs and costs associated with breeding are paid for by Van Isle. A puppy generally begins their breeding career on their second season if female and sometime after 10 months if a male. Once the dog retires from their breeding career, Van Isle will refund your security deposit in full. In essence, a Guardian dog is free of charge. Van Isle Labradoodles will make the arrangements and pay to have the dog spayed or neutered after retiring from breeding.

What is Required?

  • You must live within a 2 hour drive from Duncan, BC or such distance as is agreed to by us
  • You must own your own home and declare you have no intention of relocating more than 2 hours from Duncan for until the contract has been concluded
  • Your property is fully and securely fenced
  • There is at least one adult person who is at home with the dog on a full-time basis or adequate arrangements are in place for a dog nanny or doggie daycare
  • You complete at least 2 basic training courses with the dog
  • You keep the dog groomed as per our instructions
  • You feed the dog the same food as we feed our dogs
  • You remain in regular monthly contact with us via email, text or telephone
  • You maintain the dog’s vaccinations, pest control and other health care as per our protocol
  • You bring the dog to spend the day with us once every 12 weeks at a mutually convenient time in order for the dog to be comfortable and familiar with our home and avoid any issues when the dog is brought here for breeding purposes.