Purchasing Process

We do everything possible to ensure you are getting the best possible puppy for your family by taking all the steps necessary to produce healthy, happy Australian Labradoodle pups who have been thoroughly and properly socialized along with full temperament testing to match each buyer’s specific circumstances to be sure the fit is just right and will last a lifetime. 

Step 1

Submit an Application

To get started, complete and submit our Application Form. We will let you know within 24 hours of receiving your Application if you have been approved. We may have some follow up questions based on how you have filled your form out and we will ask those via email in most cases. Please complete the form as fully as possible as this helps us get to know you.

Step 2

Reservation Fee

Once we have approved your application, step 2 is to send us your non-refundable reservation fee of $800.00 towards the purchase price of a Van Isle Australian Labradoodle puppy. For full information on pricing and payments Click Here. Pay your reservation fee using Interact e-Transfer to vanisledoodles@gmail.com.

Once we have received your reservation fee you will be moved to our Reservation List for a Van Isle Australian Labradoodle puppy. We will send you a confirmation email when your reservation fee is received with links to our various social platforms.

Step 3

Successful Honeymoon

Step 3 will be an official announcement of the successful pairing of our girl and the stud selected for the litter.

We will give you the anticipated arrival date of the litter, keep you updated on the pregnancy and how Mom is doing.

Once the delivery is complete we will advise you of how many puppies there are in the litter, provide your with all the relevant dates and begin weekly update videos on our YouTube channel.

When your puppy is born, next installment of $1,728.00 is due and may be made by Interact e-transfer to vanisledoodles@gmail.com

If there are not enough puppies in the litter you may transfer your reservation fee to a different litter with availability or request a refund of your reservation fee. This is the only circumstance under which a refund of the $800.00 reservation fee will be provided.

Step 4

Final Payment and Puppy Assignments

When your puppy is 6 weeks old, your final payment of $1,728.00 is due and may be made by Interact e-transfer to vanisledoodles@gmail.com

At approximately 7 weeks, we will conclude our evaluations of the puppies and publish an allocation video letting everyone know which puppy will be going home with them.

Other than the day a family actually takes their new Van Isle Australian Labradoodle puppy home this is usually the most exciting day of the process.

Step 5

Puppies go Home!

At approximately 8 weeks of age, your labradoodle puppy will be available for you to pick up from our home or be hand delivered to you. Please Contact Us for hand delivery options and pricing.

Price and Payment

At Van Isle Doodles all our companion Australian Labradoodle puppies are $3800.00 regardless of colour, pattern or gender. Some breeders charge a premium for colour or pattern. For us, as Labradoodle breeders, we enjoy partnering with people searching for the ideal fit in terms of temperament. We always take your preferences into consideration and do our best to accommodate them. Together we will find the litter that fits your preferences in terms of appearance and then we will use our knowledge and experience to pair you with the perfect puppy from that litter.

To be placed on our reservation list, a non-refundable reservation fee of $800.00 is required once your Application Form has been approved.

When the puppies are born, the next installment of $1,728.00 Purchase price plus taxes less deposit and divided in 2) is then due.

When the puppies reach 6 weeks of age your final payment of $1,728.00 is due.

Payment may be made by way of Interact e-Transfer. All payments must be received before a puppy is assigned, or released.

What’s Included:

  • 3 year Health Guarantee
  • Initial, core vaccinations, deworming and health record
  • Microchip
  • Official 4 generation pedigree
  • Weekly YouTube videos and updates on your puppy’s development
  • Custom Collar
  • Custom blanket
  • A good start on house training
  • Familiarity with a doggie door
  • Thorough socialization and exposure to multiple situations
  • Support throughout the life of your puppy
  • 1 Month Free Pet Insurance from Trupanion