Who We Are

Committed and Small Scale

Dogs have been a lifelong passion for both of us but it wasn’t until we discovered Australian Labradoodles that we truly lost our hearts. The breed has totally captivated us and we are honoured to contribute to the further development of this outstanding breed of dog.

We are fully accredited breeders with the Worldwide Australian labradoodle Association, “WALA”. Claire is honoured to be on the Board of Directors for WALA. Both Renald and Claire are founding members of WALA.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple – using a wealth of resources to obtain the best possible knowledge, breed for temperament, health and conformation in that order.  It is the remarkable temperament of labradoodles that has caused the breed to explode in popularity.  Health is without question an essential ingredient and we test for numerous genetic conditions before deciding whether or not a dog is a suitable candidate to contribute his or her genes to the breed.   Drawing on over 30 years of breeding experience and formal education, we are able to recognize and assess conformation in both puppies and adult dogs.  We choose dogs as close to perfection as possible in terms of their structure and only accept minor conformational faults that we are confident are able to be eliminated in future generations easily.

Finding the Right Breeder

Finding a Labradoodle breeder is an easy task these days.  We believe you should first decide what type of Labradoodle it is that you are looking for in terms of early or multigeneration, Labradoodle or Australian Labradoodle. 

An early gen Labradoodle is the first pairing of a Labrador Retriever and a Poodle.  These dogs generally tend to vary a great deal in terms of their appearance, temperament and coat.  Shedding will occur with these early gen doods.  Pricing for an early gen should reflect the fact that the dog will not fall within the breed standard (click here for the labradoodle breed standards) and will shed.  Early gen dogs are essential to maintaining a sufficient gene pool and often work well for someone without children or allergy/asthma issues and who want a larger dog.

A Labradoodle only has the two breeds in its pedigree – Labrador and Poodle.  In our opinion, these dogs are not as desirable as the multigeneration Australian Labradoodle as the gene pool is limited by only having the two breeds in the pedigree.

A multigeneration Australian Labradoodle for us is perfection.  These dogs have a variety of breeds in their background (all purebred dogs registered with CKC or AKC have a variety of breeds in their history) allowing for a broader gene pool and the ability to create a purebred breed of dog.  If multigeneration Australian Labradoodles were accepted by CKC, all our dogs would be considered to be purebred Labradoodles.  All Van Isle Labradoodles have multigeneration Australian Labradoodles in their pedigrees for multiple generations without infusions of other breeds generally speaking.

Our Advantages


We have over 30 years of breeding experience and have been involved with the labradoodle breed since 2005.


We adhere to all the ethical requirements of WALA and go further with our own beliefs and practices.  Our dogs receive as much care and consideration as any member of our family.


Our years of experience combined with multiple courses in genetics, breeding practices, canine health, et cetera provide us with a sound basis of knowledge to breed dogs.


We are both open, positive people with a passion for dogs.  Only through contact can we determine whether or not Van Isle Doodles is the right fit for you.


We take the responsibility of breeding very seriously.  We recognize the overwhelming number of dogs in our society that are abandoned and offer a lifetime policy of taking your dog back at any time during the dog’s life should circumstances dictate that you are no longer able to keep your dog. 


We do not breed on a large scale and do not breed dogs as a means of financial profit for ourselves.  We breed these puppies in order to help develop the breed further.

Did You Know?

As ethical labradoodle breeders we recognize our responsibility for every labradoodle puppy life we cause to be created. We do everything possible to ensure that none of our labradoodle puppies are ever given away or placed in a shelter.

A clause in our purchase contract addresses this by having all puppy families agree to contact us if ever they find themselves in a situation of any type whereby they are no longer able to keep their Van Isle Labradoodle puppy. Working together we find the best possible rehoming situation for that labradoodle. If, for any reason, we are unable to find a good situation in a timely fashion then Van Isle will take the labradoodle back until we are able to find a happy rehoming opportunity.

We believe that by breeding dogs of superior temperament and conformation we lessen the possibility of a dog being surrendered. Our labradoodles are exceptionally intelligent and very easy to train even for a first time dog owner. Labradoodles strive to please and will do everything possible to determine what it is you wish them to do and then do just that.

Our Home

At Van Isle Doodles our labradoodle puppies grow up in the super natural environment of the Cowichan Valley located on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. Renald and Claire spent a few years searching for the ideal property in BC for Van Isle Doodles. Everything had to be just right for their beloved labradoodles! Located near Maple Bay was the perfect spot for both the Australian labradoodles and their humans! A lovely home located on 5 acres with trails, a pond and all within a few minutes of the beach and mountain hikes. Paradise found.

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