Upcoming Planned Litters

Half & Half

| Late 2022 Sierra’s retirement litter will be with the handsome Mr. Bruno from our friends at Bow Valley labradoodles. Both Sierra and Bruno are large mini labradoodles. Sierra is a caramel, hidden phantom and Bruno is a black phantom. The puppies from this pair will mature to between 24

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Belle of the Ball

| Late 2022 The mini labradoodle puppies from the Belle of the Ball litter will be some of our smallest labradoodle puppies. Don’t let their small size fool you though. They may be mini in size but their personalities will be large. Puppies could be caramel, cream, chocolate or black

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Salt & Pepper

| Late 2022 Salt & Pepper describes both the colour palette and natures of the labradoodles for this litter of small medium Australian labradoodle puppies. Orca loves swimming, playing with her dog friends, bounding along the beach and then spending the evening snuggled up with her people. Jack also loves

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| Late 2022 Tiramisu is a delicious blend of cream, vanilla,coffee and chocolate. The mini-medium labradoodle puppies from this litter will all be gorgeous chocolates with deep coffee tones and some white markings just like the cream and vanilla in Tiramisu. Love of family, West Coast outdoor life and fireside

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Sable Biscuit

| Late 2022 Noisette and Cloud are both sable labradoodles. Noisette is a mini and Cloud is a large mini. Together these 2 will create a delicious combination of sable labradoodles ranging from mini through to large mini in size. The puppies will each be unique with slightly different hues

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Canadian Maple Leaves

| Late 2022 Maple leaves and fall go together in Canada. Our Canadian Maple Leaves litter of mini-medium Australian labradoodle puppies will come in shades of fall leaves. Caramel, gold, red and even some chocolate like the tree trunks are possible in this litter of labradoodle puppies. Penny produces gentle,

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