Shake It Up – 6 week


Shake It Up are six weeks old

This litter is getting ready to leave for their forever homes soon! They have been busy exploring the five-acres of land we have here at Van Isle. We provide them with lots of different sections, there is lots of green grass, some dry stream beds, a pond, dirt, gravel and lots of plants. They get lots of great exposure to lots of different surfaces and textures.

They also get to learn how to negotiate uneven territory and use some problem-solving skills. We watch the puppies as they negotiate how to deal with different situations, how do they assess things and make decisions about how to proceed. In some areas of the backyard there is quite a bit of drop-off, so when they come to the edge they have to figure out how to get down to where they want to go. We use those situations to get a lot of good information about their problem solving skills, who is outgoing with no fear and who is a bit more calm and contemplative. We also take note of other behaviors. Who is playing with the balls, or picking up sticks. Who digs and who loves the water. All of this information goes into our assessments so we can make sure each puppy is allocated to the right family.

Puppy Updates

Dark Blue

This little sable is just the sweetest. She is very good at eating and a real cuddle bug. She really enjoys her time outside exploring and running around in the grass. She is so much fun.


A black and white extreme parti, this little one also has gorgeous phantom markings on her eyebrows and the side of her face. She is a very outgoing puppy. Very confident, lively and happy. Nothing makes her happier than when we open the gate and she gets to go outside. She loves running in the grass and playing all day.


This big boy used to be Green collar, but he outgrew the puppy collar and we had to change him to a bigger Black one. He is a vocal puppy, he likes to talk to us and make sure we know if hes happy or not. He loves being outside, a real explorer. He is starting to play with a ball and enjoys the water as well. He is a very sweet guy.


A gorgeous black and white parti boy, he has beautiful perfectly symmetrical markings on his face. He is highly confident and a loves to cuddle. He is all about people, makes strong eye contact and is always looking to see what it is we are communicating to him.


Black and white Parti girl with a gorgeous beauty mark on the side of her face. She is a ton of fun, full of life and laughter. She is always having the best time, life is just the best for this girl. She is always eager to explore and have a good time. Very outgoing, super confident and very fond of children.


This little solid black puppy is one of the cuddlers in the group. She is quite fond of children and is really really affectionate. She is a good little eater and loves to run around outside. She loves to explore.


Slightly smaller than Orange, this little black puppy is quiet. She waits to get all of her cues from people, she doesn’t follow the herd but prefers to wait for us to tell her what to do. She is very responsive, so she will be very easy to train. All she wants to do is whatever she is asked to do. Very calm, quiet and intelligent.


Beautiful black and white parti puppy, this little girl is the smallest of the litter. She is also the sweetest. She makes incredible eye contact and is very interested in what people are doing. She gets all of her cues and her confidence from people. She will be a very affectionate, loyal and devoted companion dog.

Light Blue

This black boy is lively, bouncy and so much fun. He loves to play with toys, chases balls and explores going up and down the slide. He is a rambunctious little guy who is fond of children and full of life.


This little girl is predominantly black with beautiful white markings. She is a snuggle bug, her top most favorite thing in the world is to be held and cuddled. When she is outside though, she plays hard and runs around with the other dogs. She is a very nice, well-balanced puppy.


This little one has quite the personality. She is the talker in the group and will tell us exactly how she feels. Whether she is mad or happy, we all know whats happening with her. She has the strongest inclination towards being a therapy dog, because of her incredibly strong communication skills. Not necessarily a comfort dog in certain settings, because she can be a little loud. But she is great with kids and loves being outdoors. Just a great little puppy that makes us smile all of the time.