Natural Remedy for Mastitis and Adorable Puppy Milestones

All three puppies in a line sleeping with their heads towards the camera


Are you wondering how Belle’s clogged mammary gland is doing? Did the puppies reach their milestones?

In this week’s blog post we talk about natural remedies for mastitis, give you an update on each puppy and talk about whether they hit their milestones.

Check out the short videos of Black Collar’s great vocalizations and Pink Collar showing some keen problem-solving skills.

Mama Belle Update

Belle had a small litter of only 3 puppies.

When there aren’t enough puppies nursing to keep the milk flowing, ducts can get clogged. This results in milk stagnating and turning sour.

Sour milk can cause bacterial growth and lead to mastitis. Mastitis is a serious condition that can lead to mastectomy or even death.

A clogged duct means the mammary gland becomes hard, warm and lumpy. A hard gland also means the puppies can’t latch. When the puppies don’t nurse, the gland becomes even more engorged.

Luckily, regular green cabbage leaves absorb some of the fluid, allowing the milk to start to flow again.

Belle had cabbage leaves that we had gently crushed and applied as a compress for around 8 minutes three times a day. Then the gland and surrounding area were massaged for as long as Belle could tolerate it. After that, the gland was hand-milked. That softened the teat enough for the puppies to latch. The goal was to have some strong puppy suction on the gland.

Dark Blue Collar was happy to be the one who supplied the suction power. He got in there and sucked away, enjoying the river of milk that was flowing freely again.

The last cabbage treatment was done at 11:00 pm that evening. Things had improved and the gland was almost supple again. Crisis averted!

Black Collar

Black collar is a gentle puppy who likes to communicate when he can’t find his favourite spot at the milkbar. He doesn’t hesitate to let out some healthy wails of protest if the milk isn’t easy to find when he’s ready to eat. Listen to just how loud and plaintive this Labradoodle puppy can sound!

Once that favourite spot is located, Black is a vigorous nurser. He likes to throw his head back and push hard on the mammary gland to get the milk to flow faster. He also doesn’t hesitate to push his sister out of his way.

All that contented nursing meant Black Collar easily met his first milestone. Black collar weighs 427 grams – more than double his birth weight. Way to go Black Collar!

Black Collar is a handsome black parti boy who is also a phantom. You can see his phantom markings inside his ears, on his face and under his tail. Very unique markings.

Dark Blue Collar

This fellow had a good first week. He is a sturdy boy who made his presence at the milkbar known. Dark Blue Collar didn’t hesitate to use his heft to shove his brother and sister out of the way when he was hungry. He was also instrumental in getting that difficult back gland flowing again. He had no problem hanging onto it and draining it.

Dark Blue Collar is a mover and shaker. He did a lot of crawling and already started to get up on all fours during week 1. I think that’s why he barely made his first milestone. He was using up lots of energy learning to walk. His weight for Week 1 was 478 grams.

Dark Blue Collar is a chocolate sable parti. He has a strikingly straight line of solid white from his nose right to his tail. His chocolate sable markings are very symmetrical. This is a handsome guy.

Pink Collar

Pink Collar is a quiet puppy. I haven’t heard her make any sounds yet. She is content and clearly her stomach was full the entire week! She didn’t have anything to complain about so no energy was wasted complaining.

Pink Collar has some smarts. She figured out how to work her way underneath her brothers to find her way to a spot on the opposite side of the milk bar. Even when her brothers are trying to shove her out of the way, she has figured out how to get her share of warm Mama milk. That way she didn’t lose out on any opportunities to nurse away and meet that all important first milestone. Pink Collar weighed in at 491 grams. She is the biggest in the litter now!

Take a listen to the sweet sounds of contented nursing and see how Pink has carefully wedged herself under her pushy brothers.

Pink Collar enjoyed finding spots to snuggle with Mama Belle away from her brothers during the first week. She liked being right under her Mama’s chin. The girls stuck together!

She is a beautiful red caramel Labradoodle with just enough white flash to make her extra special. Pink Collar has white toes, a white chest and a small white mark on the top of her head.

Coming Up Next Week

Next week we may see some eyes opening up. Puppies can open their eyes anytime between Day 10 and Day 21. It’s a wide window for that next milestone to be reached.

When puppies open their eyes, I feel that’s the beginning of when we really get to know them. I can’t wait to find out who opens their eyes first. Who do you think it will be?

Be sure to check out the YouTube update to find out the answer right here:

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