Adios Bijoux puppies arrive

With her usual generosity, Bijoux delivered the eight labradoodle puppies who make up the Adios Bijoux litter easily, quickly, and in between lunch and dinner.  What more could a puppy breeder ask for?  We are thrilled with the latest addition to the Van Isle Labradoodle family. 

These gorgeous multigeneration Australian Labradoodle puppies are made up of 6 gleaming, ebony beauties and 2 dark reds who may turn out to be red sables.  We have 5 females, 3 males and thank Bijoux for reversing the almost all male trend we have had lately at Van Isle Labradoodles.  Bijoux’s little family is already filling our hearts with love and smiles.

This is Bijoux’s retirement litter. As a seasoned Mama she didn’t waste any time delivering her puppies.  We were just finishing our lunch when she came and gave me “the look”.  We hurried into the maternity ward, but before we both were fully settled the first puppy was making her way into the world.  Thank goodness Renald was close by as the rapid arrival of the first three would have been a bit much for just Bijoux and I to handle on our own.

close up of mom labradoodle washing one of her eight puppies less than a week old

Talk about a frenzy of activity and excitement.

puppies nursing at mom. Picture is from the back of the mom towards the nursing puppies. 8 puppies total.

At 12:43 pm, puppy number one arrived.  At 12:44 puppy number two arrived before puppy number one had finished being fully delivered!  And then just to really be sure we were on our paws, puppy number 3 arrived at 12:46. 

After we got the first 3 puppies cleaned up and started nursing we had a bit of a wait until 1:37 for puppy number 4 to arrive.  By 5:03 pm all 8 puppies had made their way into the world.  Each of the puppies is healthy, stunningly gorgeous with sleek, fleece coats that shine like crazy.  Welcome to our Van Isle family kiddos!

Puppy Statistics

Puppy ID Current Weight Notes/Comments
Light Blue Collar 233 g Black female
Green Collar 329 g Black male with white markings
Pink Collar 320 g Black female with white markings
Red Collar Girl 300 g Solid black female
Yellow Collar 298 kg Phantom male
Blue Collar 283 kg Female red sable with white markings
Orange Collar 306 kg Phantom Male.
Peach Collar 264 kg Female red sable with white markings
close up of rare red sable labradoodle puppy nursing at mom, less than 1 week old
labradoodle puppies nursing at mom, rare red sable featured, portrait

Bijoux is doing her usual fabulous job as Mama to the puppies.  She has them spotless at all times with their needs attended to promptly.  Bijoux has a particular fondness for duck after she gives birth so at the moment her meals of choice are comprised of duck and lamb both in a raw format.  There is nothing else that interests her and it will remain this way for a few days until she begins to expand her gastronomic horizons.

As we were fortunate enough to have 8 puppies, we have one spot open in this litter.  These little beauties will be going to their furever homes on Saturday, June 2nd.  If you would like to be the lucky family who gets to add their name to our list, please submit your Application for our consideration.  We would love to welcome you to our Van Isle Doodle family.

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