Almond Roca are 3 Weeks Old

Puppy Update

These mini labradoodle puppies are 3 weeks old and their eyes AND their ears are open!  Just imagine the sensory overload these puppies must experience when they suddenly can see and hear.  For us, this is what we call the second birth of the puppies.  This is when we feel we can communicate with them through eye contact and the tone of our voice.

As people, we rely on eyes to tell us so much.  When our labradoodle puppies’ eyes open, it is as if we are being introduced to them for the first time.  The puppies’ faces change dramatically once their eyes have opened.  While we talk to them regularly from the moment they are born, it seems more meaningful once we know they can hear our voices.

We have moved these puppies out of the maternity ward and into the nursery.  They all have terrific mobility skills now and the nest wasn’t containing them any longer!  Once the puppies master walking on all 4 legs with ease, it doesn’t take long for them to figure out how to escape their whelping box.  Once that happens then we know these labradoodles need to go to the nursery.

The puppies are also enjoying “solid” food now.  They are eating our labradoodle puppy formula which is goat’s milk, pumpkin and rice pablum.  Goat’s milk has good bioavailability for dogs as it closely mimics mama dog milk.  Pumpkin provides them with probiotics and digestive support and the pablum fills them up nicely. 

The puppies have all been introduced to a crate with the move to the nursery.  We make use of their desire for security and provide that to them in the form of a crate.  The crate offers a spot where the puppies can all sleep together with a roof and walls making them feel safe and secure. 


This puppy is our chocolate phantom puppy.  Red is a chubby little labradoodle and has the Vancouver Island vibe going on.  This is a chill puppy.  Red spends almost all of her time sleeping.  She enjoys being held but usually falls asleep about 2 minutes after being picked up.  Content, calm and very zen.  That’s our red collar girl.


This good-looking fellow is a total angel.  He is Mr. Mellow and simply lives for naps and hugs.  I am sure he could fall asleep on top of nails.  Green collar is always content and was one of the first puppies to wag his tail.  Green loves to snuggle up with Mama Hazel but really enjoys his solid food from the pan. 


This caramel tuxedo girl has the looks department well in hand.  Tuxedo markings such as she and Green Collar have, are head turners.  The symmetry and distribution of their white abstract markings set them both off beautifully.  Blue collar is a Mama’s girl and still prefers if she can get her nourishment from the milk bar. 


This pretty caramel girl is showing us that she is a very relaxed labradoodle puppy.  Things don’t seem to upset her at all.  She takes everything in stride and welcomes all the snuggles and attention you can give her.  Brown collar quickly mastered eating out of the pan and enjoys her solid food as much as she enjoys Mama Hazel’s milk bar.


This chocolate fellow is the communicator of the litter so far.  He often can be heard telling us off or letting us know just what his opinion of things is.  Brown collar enjoys sharing his thoughts with everyone!  This is often a sign of a puppy who will be strongly in tune with his humans when more mature.


This unique puppy is an extreme, caramel parti.  Caramel is a very soft color and often is not visible to the human eye when puppies are first born.  Now white collar has an adorable smudge of caramel over her left eye and a half caramel left ear that are visible.  2 toned ears are my favourite!

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