Blonde Brownies are 4 Weeks Old

Puppy Update

This week iss our family puppy visit.  At the 4 week mark for each litter we invite all the families on our reservation list to come and meet the puppies in person.

We always enjoy these get togethers.  Watching all those little Labradoodle faces light up with curiosity and delight when they meet all these warm, friendly people is such a touching moment.  Seeing the delight and love on the faces of our families is equally as heart-warming.

One thing that is consistent with every Van Isle Labradoodle litter of puppies is that after the family visit, all the puppies gain a huge amount of confidence.  It is almost as if a switch is turned on and the puppies go from being infants to young puppies overnight.  They start playing with one another more, responding to being called, interacting with their toys more and putting everything into their mouths to help with their teething pain.

brown sable labradoodle puppy checking out one of the new families. A woman is picking the puppy up and snuggling, the dog is sniffing to chekc her out.

The Blonde Brownies puppies are no exception to this rule and are enjoying their new larger space to stretch those legs out in.  Now we find the trademark Van Isle Labradoodle temperaments really starting to show up as well.  This group of puppies all have lovely calm and balanced dispositions.  Some are more outgoing than others and some prefer to observe, assess and then follow suit.  I just love this time in a young Labradoodle puppy’s development when their individual selves begin to shine and their teeth still aren’t sharp enough to hurt!

I just love this time in a young Labradoodle puppy’s development when their individual selves begin to shine and their teeth still aren’t sharp enough to hurt!

This past week the puppies have all been wormed and introduced to eating raw food independent of goat’s milk.  We have begun the process of slowly encouraging Spirit to begin the weaning process by cutting back on her rations.  While she is still consuming a good 3.5 times as much food as she would normally, Spirit no longer is downing 5 to 6 pounds of raw meat each day.  We will work towards a 50/50 split for the puppies in terms of receiving half their nourishment from Spirit and half from food we provide for them over the next week. 

This coming weekend will be another big adventure for the puppies as we show them there is a world outside the walls they are living behind.  The doggie door will be introduced to them as well as the great big wonderful world that is the Van Isle Labradoodles backyard. 

Next week we will be back to our regular video update format and show you how much these medium sized Australian Labradoodle puppies have grown in 2 weeks.

puppies all roaming around and eating
Woman holding a labradoodle puppy at the 4 week meet the puppies day.
woman holding labradoodle puppy taking a selfie, the woman's face is not visible

Individual Puppy Updates


Purple is sweetness epitomised.  This little lady not only is a solid colour but she is solid as a rock in terms of her temperament as well.  Not easily ruffled, fond of everyone, not a leader and not a follower, Peach is simply the middle of the road in all respects.  Her solid mahogany colouring is stunning but in a rainbow litter of remarkable patterns and unique colours, Purple remains solidly in the middle of the pack in terms of everything.  Placid, playful, pretty and perfect.

Purple prefers to be with her littermates to being on her own.  She also still prefers Mama Spirit’s milk bar to the open raw bar selection we offer to her.  She is in no rush to grow up or change things as she likes life just as it is.  Steady as she goes is the best way to describe Purple Collar girl.


Green collar is our most outspoken puppy of the litter.  Labradoodles are known to be quiet dogs who don’t bark much.  While Green is anything but yippy, he is nonetheless, vocal.  Green loves to announce his arrival and anticipates significant fanfare to herald that arrival.  He also enjoys letting everyone know how he things should be done.  We see a great deal of his Grandma Bijoux in Green.  Perhaps the predominant goatee is symbolic of his resemblance to her in both looks and temperament.

Make no mistake though, Green is a love bug.  While he has some bluster and swagger, he also thoroughly enjoys his cuddle time.  Give Green the opportunity and he is immediately in your lap looking for attention and love.  Green leads the charge for all new adventures.  In that role, he feels he should always be regarded as “the boss”.


The gorgeous triple tone dood is a real head turner.  His amazing sable colouring give him his distinctive almost black face.  Paired with the big shock of white on his chest and toes, Mr. Blue stands out like a billboard that screams, stop and take a look at this incredible Labradoodle.  Blue is showing us his lovely demanour which is comprised of a healthy dose of calm and a sprinkle of curiosity.  The balance between Blue’s inquisitiveness is very nicely evened out by his natural desire to be thoughtful and think a situation through to a degree before jumping in with all 4 feet.  Blue is sturdy with a build that is very close to the desired Australian Labradoodle breed standard.  Blue has it all going on; looks, intelligence and a huge desire to cuddle.  Blue is an exceptionally well-balanced dog.


Yellow is similar in her demeanour to Purple but a bit more rough and tumble.  Yellow can frequently be found mixing things up with her siblings.  Yellow, while entirely silent to this point in time, has no trouble expressing herself through her actions.  Yellow enjoys pouncing on her brothers and sisters and engaging them in some active wrestling maneuvers. 

Yellow, while sable, does not have as many different shades and tones in her coat as the other 2 sables do.  Yellow is already predominantly a gold caramel tone and she will not change to a marked degree from this colour.  Yellow has an excellent, solid structure that she uses to her advantage when rolling about with her friends.  While she is one of the smaller puppies, she is nevertheless, built low to the ground like a good linebacker.


Grey is our tiny fierce soul.  While she is one of the lighter framed and smaller sized puppies of the litter, she is anything but small in spirit.  This little lady does not hesitate to try new experiences and to strike off on an adventure.  Similar to Green, Grey enjoys communicating her ideas to anyone within hearing range.  She has not interest in whether her proclamations are factual or not.  Grey just likes everyone to know she is in the building and these are her thoughts.

Grey is a black phantom and sometimes I think her tan points which are similar to those of a Doberman, give her that feisty nature that she has.  Grey likes new things, people, food and smells.  Nothing gives Grey more joy than something new to try out.  Grey also is very much a people girl.  She literally runs to whomever comes within her area looking for acknowledgement, pets and lots of cooing and hugging.  A really adorable combination of looks and traits in this small Doodette.


Mr. Brown the almost invisible dog.  We dubbed Brown the invisible one as he is so incredibly quiet that you can forget he is even there.  He doesn’t utter a peep and never makes waves of any sort.  Brown is a great example of the intrinsic Australian Labradoodle temperament.  He is full of fun and life when you ask him to be and entirely quiet and calm when he isn’t interacting with you or a littermate. 

Brown also adores being held and snuggles right up to you every time he is picked up.  This puppy finds all his contentment and joy of life with people.  While he enjoys spending time wrestling with his littermates, given the choice, Brown will pick being snuggled every single time.  A real follower and uber placid fellow.


Peach has really started coming into her own lately.  While she sometimes still prefers to observe situations from a short distance away from the action, now we find Peach in the thick of things more often than not.  Her absolutely, stunning, mahogany and white parti pattern make Peach a huge standout in the litter.  Heads snap around and eyes are drawn to her simply stunning good looks.

Peach likes to keep us guessing as to what mood she is in.  One day she will live for your attention and hugs and the next she is a bit haughty and says, thanks but I am fine all on my own.  Peach is almost like a cat in her temperament.  Humans will be advised when their attention is desired thank you very much.


Nicknamed the “Slug”, this big fellow is the epitome of the laid-back lifestyle we enjoy on Vancouver Island.  Nothing phases this fellow and he thrives on rest and relaxation.  Black collar boy is a true gentle giant being substantially larger than any of the other puppies in the Blonde Brownie litter.  We predict he will mature in the 40 – 50 lbs. range.  He is a good-looking boy with his distinctive phantom/sable markings on the side of his face, inside his ears and under his tail.  This big boy enjoys life to the max.  Black is also a huge snuggle bug who adores being held and interacting with people.  Because of these qualities, black has been selected by the qualified service dog trainer to be a match for a lucky person who has been waiting for a long time for just the right puppy to arrive to be her service dog.  The certification program takes a substantial investment by many individuals and at Van Isle Labradoodles we are thrilled and very proud to have one of our puppies be selected for the program.

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