Blonde Brownies are 5 Weeks Old

Puppy Update

The Blonde Brownies are five weeks old, and their little personalities are really starting to develop. They are all fully mobile and moving around like crazy. They are playing with toys and each other. They are growling, barking and they all have teeth. They are teething like crazy and everything goes in their mouths right now, including us.

We are also working hard on socializing these little guys and making sure they are well mannered and calm. Socialization is such an important part of a young dogs’ life and brings years of positive behavior with it. We have brought in our young puppy socializer, Peyton. Peyton is four and spends time with the puppies, letting us know which of them are most friendly with her. 

Close up of Labradoodle Puppy face, brown and white laying onto of one of their brothers or sisters!

They are teething like crazy and everything goes in their mouths right now, including us.


Very laid back and thoughtful. Waits and watches what the other dogs do before deciding if she will join in. She much prefers nursing over eating the pablum, she knows how but doesn’t think its all that interesting.


He used to be the most talkative, but this week he has really quieted down. He has learned to problem solve and is getting along with everyone.  He has become much cuddlier and more interested in people. He makes great eye contact and loves giving kisses. He plays with all the toys and has really taken to chasing after balls. He also plays well with small kids.


This little boy is confident, outgoing, full of fun and always wants to play. He has a great balance of calmness and cuddles, as well as being confident and outgoing. He is a great little puppy.


Yellow and Peach are good friends, they have similar temperaments. Quiet, reserved and cuddly. Yellow isn’t interested in going all-out and running around trying everything. She is very content with life and isn’t worried about competing with the others.


The smallest, and most feisty. She isn’t nearly as loud as she used to be, but she is enthusiastic about life and always comes running over to us at full speed wanting to be picked up and get some attention. She likes to play with toys and is doing really well with the raw food.


The little, quiet, super cuddly and affectionate Brown boy. He has gained some confidence now and is such a gentle and sweet dog. He loves to be held and is absolutely crazy about Peyton. He is the perfect puppy for kids. He is gentle when he bites, not nearly as hard as the other puppies. Such a sweet little boy.


She is a very soft, quiet, adorable little girl. She is very affectionate and cuddly; her temperament hasn’t changed much as she’s grown. She isn’t a leader, but she holds her own. A soft spoken, gentle little one.


Introducing, Fisher! Black boy has been selected to become a certified service dog! The dogs all went through assessment and Black boy was the best candidate to become a service dog. He is the biggest puppy in the Blonde Brownie litter. He is very people focused, very sweet and just a doll. We are delighted and proud to be selected as a breeder for a certified service dog. Fisher is going to be amazing!

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