Cafe Noir are 7 weeks old

This is the last update before allocation day! These little guys are going to be picking their families and going home soon. They are big dogs now, lots of playing and loud voices coming from them.

Oceana Update

Oceana went home to her guardians this week. Her guardians had been away so they hadn’t seen her while she was here, so everyone was thrilled to finally be back together. Oceana is now retired, she is done with having puppies now that Café Noir is fully weaned. She is off to enjoy a well earned and well deserved retirement on Salt Spring Island. Her family is happy to have her home, we will miss her and hope that we will still see her from time to time.

Puppy Updates

Dark Blue

This little guy Parti pattern is a real sweetheart. He is lots of fun, likes to party (pun intended) He is also very calm and relaxed with people. He is very affectionate and keen on being with people just as much as he is with other dogs. He is playful and very affectionate. A lovely balanced little guy. He gets along well with children and adults alike. He is also a puppy that would be really good for a retired couple, because he is fun and playful but not overly energetic.


This gorgeous little sable is going to be a light brown to almost caramel color when she matures. She is a go-getter. Full of vim and vigour, loves to have fun. She enjoys playing with her litter mates especially if its to play outside. She tends to be a bit independent and is quite happy on her own. But she is very affectionate and likes spending time with people.

Light Blue

This little dynamos tail is always going. He is the smallest in the litter but he is always on the go. He is super affectionate, he will be great with children. A young very active family. He is constantly on the go, but will stop in for some cuddles along the way. His main focus in life is to have fun and play.


The biggest in the litter, he is a sturdy boy. Mr. Mellow, just a little doll. He is very focused on people and wanting to be with them. He wants hugs and kisses and all the love he can get. If there is a human around, he wants to be with them. He is always the first to greet us in the morning, full of kisses and affection. He will be good in almost any family situation. He is outgoing but also nice quiet and calm.


This little guy is very well balanced. He is a thoughtful dog, but he is also very outgoing. He likes to play with his litter mates and have a fun time, but he is also quite happy to be off on his own and just watching what they are doing. He loves to be held and petted. He is very people focused. He loves having his ear stroked and will be the first to come over for pets. He will be suitable for pretty much any family. He doesn’t require a hugely active family,  but he will quite happily go along and participate in any activities that his family offers.


Another very affectionate and people focused puppy. He is quite happy just to have a person around him. He is fine with other dogs, he likes to play and have fun but he lives for human contact. He is a little quieter than the others, he watches what they do, but will go play by himself. He chases toys and has a great time, but always comes back for a hug. He will do well in lots of situations, he will be good with younger children because he is so patient and gentle. But he would also be good for a retired couple who want a calm quiet dog in their lives.


The life of the party, maybe its part of the Parti pattern. He is hilarious. He does tricks, he spins around in circles like a trained circus dog, he jumps around and is always game to try anything new. He is adventuresome, bold, confident and outgoing. This guy will need an active family with kids, because he loves kids. He loves people. He doesn’t sit still for long but is very affectionate. He would do well for anyone who is very active and can handle how busy he is.


This little girl is quite different from the other dogs. She is very introspective and soulful. She is affectionate and relaxed. She is very independent, not overly fond of playing with the other puppies. She will play, but it isn’t her biggest joy. She prefers to be on her own, just thinking things through. She is very balanced, calm and super affectionate for her people. She makes incredibly strong eye contact, always watching for cues and to communicate with us. She is a lovely little girl.


This little one has really come out of his shell recently. He was very shy and hesitant during assessments last week, but this week he has really come into his own. He is still soulful and affectionate, but he is also much more confident now and happier. He is out the door quick and just happy to play. He is still fairly shy sometimes, but is much more relaxed than he was. He will need someone who is a bit quieter. He will need a calm environment.

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