Cafe Noir are 1 week old

Oceana Update

Oceana herself is doing really well. She’s totally relaxed and confident. This is her retirement litter, her fourth litter. She’s well accustomed to the role of being a mom and very comfortable in it. She’s out chasing the ball quite regularly. She’s eating about six to six and a half pounds of raw food a day and she eats a bit of kibble as well. We do not feed our dogs kibble, but Oceana lives in a guardian home. For whatever reason, when Oceana’s with her guardians she prefers kibble. When she comes and stays with us she only wants the raw. So, we just accommodate her. Right now she has the puppies and wants to have both of them, so we let her have whatever she wants to eat.

“The Café Noir litter is now a week old and doing well. Almost all the puppies have doubled their birthweight and Oceana is settling into motherhood quite well.”

She also enjoys lots of fresh bones, liver treats, and other treats. We supplement her with a product that’s called Doc Roy’s Healthy Bones. It has additional calcium and is appropriately mixed with phosphorus, vitamin K, vitamin D, magnesium and other things so that the calcium is well absorbed into her system. Obviously, there’s a huge demand on her body for calcium feeding these nine hungry mouths of hers.

We have another product that’s called Oxy Momma. It’s a supplement that is designed specifically to support mommas who are lactating, Oceana receives that as well. To keep her milk supply going with a generous milk supply, we also supplement her with fenugreek. Fenugreek is an herb that is used by women to increase their breast milk, and it also works well with dogs.

Puppy update

Current Weight: 509g
Weight Gain: 217g

He is a perfect little puppy, just sleeps and eats.

Current Weight: 665g
Weight Gain: 298g

He is the biggest in the litter. His color has a lot more variation than the other puppies. He has a little bit of white under his chin and really interesting tones in his coat.

Dark Blue
Current Weight: 441g
Weight Gain: 166g

This little one is the smallest of the group and he did not manage to double his birth weight. He is perfectly healthy, we will just help him find a better place to nurse when possible.

Current Weight: 629g
Weight Gain: 279g

He is a good sized puppy, we also discovered he has a little goatee and a bit of white on his chest.

Current Weight: 630g
Weight Gain: 277g

He is a solid little one, broader than some of the other puppies.

Light Blue
Current Weight: 545g
Weight Gain: 252g

Just about doubled his birth weight. Very sweet, middle of the pack for size and temperament.

Current Weight: 645g
Weight Gain: 305g

He gained the most over the last week, probably due to him always finding the best spot at the milk bar. He is a beautiful milk chocolate color with no white on him at all.

Current Weight: 627g
Weight Gain: 299g

She is a very sweet little girl, has done well with her weight gain. She started as one of the smallest but is now solidly in the middle of the pack for weight.

Current Weight: 578g
Weight Gain: 263g

She is very forward, makes the most noise and lets us know when she isn’t happy. This could change, but for now she is the bossy one in the group. She has a little white on her chest.

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