Cafe Noir are 2 weeks old

The Café Noir puppies have had some big accomplishments this week. Oceana is quite comfortable with her role and is confidently leaving the puppies for up to 45 minutes at a time so she can get some much deserved play time. This weeks milestones give Oceana much more freedom with the puppies. They have started to eliminate on their own now, which means we are doing a lot more cleanup but it also means Oceana doesn’t need to be with the puppies to help them do that.

The puppies have also started opening their eyes and all of them will be open within the next 24-48 hrs. Like humans, puppies are all born with blue eyes. They stay blue until 12-16 weeks at that point their eyes will turn to dark brown.

In addition to open eyes and eliminating on their own, the puppies have found their legs and are all up and mobile. Still wobbling but wobbling on all 4 legs. They are moving fairly well, that makes things pretty exciting around here.

We are handling their feet regularly and we clip their nails. When we clip their nails, about every three or four days, we just use a regular human nail clipper because their claws are very small.

Puppy Updates

Light Blue

Current Weight: 788g
Weight Gain: 243g

Open eyes. 


Current Weight: 858g
Weight Gain: 228g

Open eyes.

Dark Blue

Current Weight: 686g
Weight Gain: 245g

Eyes still closed.


Current Weight: 942g
Weight Gain: 313g

Eyes still closed. 


Current Weight: 732g
Weight Gain: 223g

Open eyes.


Current Weight: 950g
Weight Gain: 323g

Eyes still closed.


Current Weight: 1.01kg
Weight Gain: 365g

Eyes still closed.


Current Weight: 1.05kg
Weight Gain: 405g

Eyes almost open.


Current Weight: 870g
Weight Gain: 292g

First to open her eyes.

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