Cafe Noir are 3 weeks old

Week 3 has been full of milestones. The puppies are all walking well and have now moved out of the maternity ward into the Doodle Den. They are much more like dogs now, more vocal and walking everywhere. They are interacting with toys and playing with one another. Their ears are also now open, which makes a huge difference. They get excited when they see and hear us come in, especially because of the other major milestone. They are now eating solid food! A combination of pablum, goats milk and pumpkin. It’s messy business and more often than not they are eating the food off of each others coats more than the pan, but they are doing amazing. Now that they are eating both solid and still nursing, they are making good weight gains. 

“This week is always so much fun, playful little puppies that are interacting with everything but don’t yet have those sharp little puppy teeth.”

Puppy Updates

Dark Blue
Current Weight: 1050g
Weight Gain: 364g
Current Weight: 1150g
Weight Gain: 418g
Current Weight: 1400g
Weight Gain: 458g
Light Blue
Current Weight: 1090g
Weight Gain: 302g
Current Weight: 1450g
Weight Gain: 490g
Current Weight: 1350g
Weight Gain: 400g
Current Weight: 1280g
Weight Gain: 410g
Current Weight: 1320g
Weight Gain: 310g
Current Weight: 1320g
Weight Gain: 462g
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