Cafe Noir are 6 weeks old

These puppies are getting ready to head to their forever families, we have been busy taking notes on their personalities and temperaments. Allocation day is coming soon!

6-week old dark chocolate and white puppy standing next to a pan of orange soft food. In the background are various dog beds. The puppy is looking just to the right of the camera.
Two 6-week old chocolate labradoodles on a red dog bed. One is lying down with head raised, the other is sitting in front with its back toward the camera and has its head turned to look over its shoulder at the camera. A bright purple and turquoise toy is on the bed in the background.

Puppy Update


This little guy is a beautiful chocolate parti. He is very outgoing, enthusiastic, inquisitive and not afraid of anything. He is really affectionate and loves children. He will make a great addition to a young active family.


A solid chocolate puppy. He is quiet and laid back. Not as enthusiastic as Brown, but very affectionate, loves to give and receive lots of hugs and kisses for his people. He lives for human affection and adores children. He will thrive in a calm, relaxed environment.


A fun little puppy. He is quiet and a bit timid and tentative. He is calm and quiet as well as pretty independent. He can often be found separate from the other dogs. He loves children. He will do well in a home with older children and somebody who can really focus on him.


This little guy is a very well-balanced puppy. He enjoys people, dogs, kids, new situations and playing with toys. He is inquisitive and extremely affectionate. He will fit in well almost anywhere and with anyone. He is a really a happy-go-lucky kind of guy.

Light Blue

The smallest of the litter with the biggest personality. He is outgoing, curious, playful, lively and always happy. He loves kids and is going to be great for an adventurous, energetic young family. He is always fun.

Dark Blue

He is very loving, outgoing, curious and affectionate. He is an all-around great little guy. He loves toys and is going to do well in virtually any situation. He is very versatile and gets along well with everyone.


She is a very affectionate and curious girl. She is quite outgoing, very confident and really enjoys playing with people. She is really fond of kids as well. She will do really well in a situation where she is the focus of the home, as she likes to be the centre of attention.


A bit more independent than Pink, she is often off on her own. She likes new adventures, is quite curious and really enjoys toys and chews. She gets along well with other dogs. She will do well in almost any setting. Very nice, calm and relaxed girl.


Chocolate brown with a bit of white on his chest. He is a well-balanced puppy with great social skills. He loves kids, adults, other dogs, toys and pretty much every new thing. He will fit in anywhere.

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