Cafe Noir are 8 weeks old

Allocation day is the second most exciting day for the families getting a Van Isle Labradoodle! Second only to the day you pick up your sweet life long companion. For us, it is a bitter sweet day. But we are so proud of this litter and couldn’t be happier for our new Van Isle families. We look forward to watching these pups grow up with you.

Puppy Family Allocations

Introducing: Poco

He will be joining his family of five in Vancouver. Mom, Dad and their three kids have a vacation home in Mexico where he will be joining them. They needed a dog that would be good for traveling, terrific with kids and a wonderful companion for the adults. The boys wanted a dog to play fetch with and to cuddle. The whole family wanted snuggling. Poco will be a great traveller, he is curious, inquisitive, very confident and super adaptable. He will be great when he goes on his trips to Mexico. He is already showing signs of enjoying playing fetch. He is lively, so will be great with the boys and is a very affectionate pup who will love to snuggle while watching movies at night with everybody. Welcome home Poco!

Introducing: Joey
Light Blue

Joey is moving to Langley to work alongside his mom from her home office. His parents asked for a puppy that was really adaptable. He needs to be quiet and happy to work in the office while Mom does paperwork, eager to meet the people that come to the door with deliveries and go with her in the car to meet supplier, clients and do some traveling in the car. Light Blue/ Joey fit the bill perfectly. His new parents recently lost both of their dogs, so Joey is going to be the one that brings that light back into their lives. He is excellent at forming strong loyal bonds. So even though his Dad often travels for work, we have no doubt that Joey will greet him with great love and affection no matter what.

Introducing: Max

Max will be making his home in Coquitlam with his new best friend for life, Ben. Bens family needed a dog who was great with young children and with other dogs. Max will be going to doggy daycare on a regular basis, so he needed to be confident and love other dogs. But he will be growing up with Ben, so he also needed to be intuitive, gentle and know when to be lively and when to be calm. Light Blue was the best fit for those needs. He reads signs from people very well and is very intuitive. We expect he will be successful in daycare and a great life long friend with little Ben.

Introducing: Toby

Toby will be staying on Vancouver Island, joining his family in Victoria. Toby is going home to a family with three younger children. They needed a puppy that was playful, enjoyed playing fetch and would also be able to settle down and snuggle when needed. We chose Toby for another reason, he is the biggest puppy in the litter and that gives him the physical ability to keep up with and withstand the love and affection of three young children. We think he will be perfectly ok with being dressed up and brought into all sorts of games. He is a very gentle soul with a fun and adventurous spirit. He is very loving and adores cuddles, he also gravitates towards young children during all of our assessments. Toby will be a great addition to this family.

Introducing: Theo (Theodore)

Theo is our first Van Isle puppy to make his new home in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He will be joining a family who already have a 2.5yr old dog. We needed a puppy who was calm, quiet and independent. Able to spend time at home alone with just the other dog for company and would be respectful to the older dog. Theo was perfect for this family, he never tries to be the boss and is very comfortable spending time with the older teens that will be in his family.

Introducing: Juno

Juno is a lucky girl, she will be spending her days in the incredibly beautiful Ucuelet! Juno will be working alongside her mom in their home office. She will meet lots of people during her days and will spend her breaks and after work running along the beaches of Ucuelet and Tofino. We needed a puppy who was adaptable, able to be quiet and could relate well to new people. Puppy also needed to enjoy the water and could be a very loving companion. Miss Juno was perfect for this family. She has been fond of water right from the beginning, is independent and somewhat reserved. She prefers people to other dogs and will happily entertain herself for awhile. She will be a great addition to this family.

Welcome Home
Dark Blue

This guy is waiting on the perfect name. His parents are a retired couple who wanted a quiet, snuggly, easy to train and adaptable puppy to shower with their love and attention. Dark Blue was a great fit for them. He is very gentle with a sweet soul. He is very kind and adaptable. Not a high energy dog, but enough to keep his new parents active. He isn’t the type to run around for hours and hours at a time, because that would cut into his snuggle time and he absolutely loves snuggle time. He makes excellent eye contact and is very aware of what the humans in his life are doing. He will be a breeze to train.

Introducing: Milky Java, aka MJ

This little girls registered name is Milky Java but we will be calling her MJ. Her guardian home will be in Shawnigan Lake with the lovely Anna and Craig. Their schedules mean MJ wont be left alone and if they both go out they have found a great pet sitter. MJ might go visit the school where Anna works, which would be great as MJ adores children. She is an outgoing, friendly and just a bit mischievous but also really calm, loving and full of snuggles. She is a mid-energy type of girl. We are very excited for this beautiful sable to join our breeding girls.

Introducing: Van Isle's Island Boy, aka Elvis

This little one has been selected to be a stud dog prospect for Ocean State Labradoodles. He will be travelling all the way to Rhode Island! His guardians out there have named him Elvis, and his registered name will be Van Isle’s Island Boy. He was picked as a breeding dog mainly for his incredible temperament. Stephanie from Ocean State was looking for a soulful, calm and adorable little boy. Purple was the man for the job. He is also really well matched for breed standards of Australian Labradoodles. He will be an incredible addition to the Ocean State Labradoodles and we wish them a long and fruitful career with him.

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