Cinnamon Swirl are six weeks old

These little ones are growing up so fast, they have starting going outside and exploring the full size of our property. They are loving the freedom and exploration of all those different sights, smells and textures. The Shake It Up litter joins them outside and it is just the cutest thing watching them all playing out there.

Hazel has gone home to her guardians, Jeff and Denise. The puppies have all adjusted just perfectly to not nursing, and Hazel is very excited to be back home with her family.

Puppy Updates


This little angel is full of fun and adventure. She can’t wait to get outside and run around with the other puppies. She is one of the smallest puppies but she has more than enough confidence to stand up for herself. She is very affectionate and cuddley as well. She is an ideal balance of fun and love.  


This gorgeous little one is quiet and so sweet. She has amazing eye contact and likes to get cues from her people to find out what she is supposed to be doing. Her favorite thing is to be held and rocked. She is very cuddly and affectionate. She also loves being outside, exploring and running around.


He is crazy about going outside, he runs full speed out the door and rolls around in the grass. He loves playing with the other puppies. He is very gregarious and the sweetest little guy. He is very well balanced in his temperament, outgoing and playful while also being very affectionate and kind.

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