The Ruby Gems are now 4 weeks old and enjoying living in their “condo” in our Doodle Den.  Today we expanded the size of their condo to give them more space to play and explore.  They also received their first toys today.  Stuffless stuffies are a big hit and there is a lot of adorable little growls and barks going on as they tussle together to see who gets the big prize!

The Gems were all dewormed for the first time today as well.  We will do this again in 2 weeks and then just before they go home to their lucky families.  The deworming medicine is apple caramel flavoured and everyone was smacking their lips and enjoying the process thoroughly.

Personalities are starting to emerge more and more as each day goes by.  We now have added solid food to the milk pan and there is a lot of interest in trying that out.We still have a fair bit of the food ending up on the floor and being licked off of one another but overall the pups are getting the hang of eating and getting more of it into their stomachs these days. As you can see, the weight gains are quite a bit increased from last week so you know the food is going in the right place now.

Pippa is still very protective of her little gems and takes great care to keep them nice and clean. Although she no longer sleeps with them overnight, she parks herself right outside of their condo to keep watch over her puppies at all times.

Next week will be the much anticipated puppy visits for the families on Pippa’s list! An exciting time for both the gems and the families for sure.



Puppy Statistics

[table td1=”Puppy ID” td2=”Current Weight” td3=”Weight Gain” td4=”Notes/Comments”]
[td1] Yellow Collar [/td1] [td2] 1.09 kg [/td2] [td3] 470 g [/td3] [td4] The quietest of the group. Doing really well eating out of the pan. Loves to wrestle with Black collar.[/td4]
[td1] Orange Collar [/td1] [td2] 1.71 kg [/td2] [td3] 510 g [/td3] [td4]The leader of the pack. This girl is outgoing, boisterous and talkative![/td4]
[td1] Purple Collar [/td1] [td2] 1.16 kg [/td2] [td3] 480 g [/td3] [td4] This girl is very affectionate, comes right out when she sees people and is eager to find out what’s in the food pan.[/td4]
[td1] Black Collar [/td1] [td2] 1.05 kg [/td2] [td3] 450 g [/td3] [td4] A smaller girl who is totally sweet, quiet and always looking for cuddles.[/td4]
[td1] Blue Collar [/td1] [td2] 1.28 kg [/td2] [td3] 400 g [/td3] [td4] Not keen on the milk pan idea yet. Quiet and reserved but loves to be snuggled.[/td4]



We always enjoy puppy visit day as it is filled with lots of smiles and laughter. The puppies have their first experience meeting new people and usually enjoy a lot of new toys as gifts from their prospective families!

The colour in this litter is lovely with the caramel tinged shades of red and the stunning parti markings that three of the puppies have.  Yellow is a gorgeous solid red and Blue is an interesting caramel shade with white on her head, paws and chest.  I keep trying to pick a favourite but so far I can’t choose!!!

The Ruby Gems are all jewels!


[table td1=”Collar ID” td2=”Pictures-Click for larger view”]

[td1] Yellow [/td1] [td2] [envira-gallery id=”4291″] [/td2]
[td1] Purple [/td1] [td2] [envira-gallery id=”4295″] [/td2]
[td1] Orange [/td1] [td2] [envira-gallery id=”4299″] [/td2]
[td1] Black [/td1] [td2] [envira-gallery id=”4303″] [/td2]
[td1] Blue [/td1] [td2] [envira-gallery id=”4307″] [/td2]