Licorice Allsorts are 1 week old

Welcome home Roger.

These Labradoodle puppies have grown quite a bit in their first week.  They are all nursing nicely.  Ella is looking after her little Labradoodle puppies very well.

We have one extra puppy in this litter.  Ella adopted a puppy who was born by c-section to another one of our females.  Because the puppy was born by c-section, his Mama was not able to take care of him.  Ella and her puppies have all welcomed Roger to their family and are taking good care of him.

Puppy Statistics

Puppy ID Current Weight Birth Weight Notes/Comments
Red 459 g 292 g A male labradoodle puppy. A quiet puppy with a white goatee.
Purple 539 g 370 g A male puppy. Purple is a red sable Labradoodle with white abstract markings.
Yellow 476 g 322 g A male Labradoodle. This puppy is a chocolate sable with a mahogany colour.
Grey 497 g 314 g Grey is a female labradoodle. Grey is a chocolate puppy who may be a sable.
Pink 400 g 276 g A sweet little girl who is mild mannered and easy to get along with
Orange 799 g 285 g Pink is a female Labradoodle puppy. Pink is a chocolate sable with red highlights.
Light Blue 456 g 289 g Light Blue is a male Labradoodle puppy. Light Blue is a gleaming ebony with a white chest.
Peach 463 g 300 g Peach is a female Labradoodle. Peach is a choolate sable puppy with caramel highlights.
Roger 120 g 120 g Roger is a male Labradoodle puppy who is 1 day old. He was born by c-section and adopted into this litter.