Licorice Allsorts are 2 Weeks Old

Puppy Update

These Labradoodle puppies all have their eyes open!  It is such an exciting time as now we get to really know each puppy a bit better.

We also have an addition to the litter.  One of our other dogs, Kale’a, had a single puppy by c section and is unable to care for her puppy.  Ella has been very generous and adopted this little fellow, Jai Jai.

Jai Jai

JJ is a tough little Labradoodle puppy.  He has made it quite clear he is a survivor and not adversely impacted by his challenging start to life.  JJ is just a week old and very comfortable with his adopted family.

Birth Weight: 120g
Current Weight: 412g

Peach is a chocolate sable Labradoodle.  Peach has beautiful caramel highlights.

Birth Weight: 300g
Current Weight: 666g

Pink is a chocolate sable Labradoodle.  Similar colouring to Peach with more black sabling on her face and paws.

Birth Weight: 276g
Current Weight: 570g

Purple is a red sable Labrdoodle.  Purple is the first born and quite talkative.  He has strong sable marks on his back.

Birth Weight: 370g
Current Weight: 780g

Red is a classic black and white Labradoodle.  Red collar has a beautifully shaped head with a cute goatee.

Birth Weight: 292g
Current Weight: 690g

Grey is a chocolate sable Labradoodle with white abstract markings.  Grey has white dipped toes and a goatee as well.

Birth Weight: 314g
Current Weight: 750g
Light Blue

Light blue is a gleaming ebony Labradoodle puppy.  Light blue is a solid puppy with a gorgeous head shape.

ebony black 2-week old labradoodle puppy held in someones hands. The tip of a pink tongue is just barely poking out.
Birth Weight: 289g
Current Weight: 660g