Licorice Allsorts are 3 Weeks Old

Puppy Update

These Labradoodle puppies have moved from the maternity ward into the nursery, aka The Doodle Den.  The puppies are starting to play with each other as well as entertain us with little growls and barks from time to time.  The puppies can all hear now too.  A lot of milestones that have been reached.  Jai Jai was able to move with the group even though his ears aren’t open yet.

sleeping labradoodle puppy on its back with head stretched away from camera

The puppies are starting to play with each other as well as entertain us with little growls and barks from time to time. 


Purple Collar has unique red sable colouring.  Purple is a confident, outgoing boy.  Purple also has the classic Labradoodle good looks with a terrific, high ear set, a beautiful short muzzle and strong stop.

Birth Weight: 370g
Current Weight: 1150g

Yellow collar is a chocolate sable Labradoodle.  Papa Hombre is a sable Labradoodle and Mama Ella has one sable allele.  Many of these puppies in the litter are sables.  Yellow is a relaxed, calm puppy who is right in the middle of the group at the moment.

Birth Weight: 322g
Current Weight: 1000g

Grey is a chocolate sable with white dipped toes, caramel highlights and the signature Bijoux goatee.  This Labradoodle is very reminiscent of Papa Hombre with the beautiful shaped head.  A very gentle, affectionate puppy.

Birth Weight: 314g
Current Weight: 1070g

Peach has the signature Papa Hombre ideal Labradoodle look with a short muzzle, strong stop and nice, blocky head.  Peach has the sweet temperament like her Mama Ella.  Peach has very pretty, white mismarks on her chest, a goatee and caramel highlight.

Birth Weight: 300g
Current Weight: 940g

Red is a gorgeous ebony with little white dipped toes, white chest and a goatee.  Red is a soft, easy-going Labradoodle puppy.  Red looks a lot like his Mama Ella and has a similar personality.  Sweet and kind!

Birth Weight: 292g
Current Weight: 1010g

Pink collar is the smallest puppy in the litter.  She is a chocolate sable as well.  She has the ideal Labradoodle head with a lovely, high eat set.  Pink has that classic teddy bear Labradoodle face that is so appealing.

Birth Weight: 276g
Current Weight: 750g
Light Blue

Light Blue is another gleaming, rich, black colour with the perfect Labradoodle head.  High set ears, gorgeous blocky head, short muzzle and very expressive eyes.  Light blue is a very quiet, calm and affectionate puppy.

Birth Weight: 289g
Current Weight: 963g
Jai Jai

This little singleton is just 2 weeks old.  He is a chocolate with gorgeous white abstract markings on his chest.  Jai Jai is getting puppy formula from a bottle for most of his nutrition.  The other puppies are larger now and can push Jai Jai off the milk bar.

Birth Weight: 120g
Current Weight: 570g