1-week with Spring Fling

Video Title: Spring Fling Week 1
Litter: Spring Fling
Mom: Spirit
Date: June 4, 2019


The Spring Fling litter is doing amazing, they have almost all doubled their birth weights and we are so excited to give you a little update on each of them. This litter is called a rainbow litter, due to the variety of colours and patterns presented. If you follow our channel you will have seen the video we did last week talking about rainbow litters. Let us know in the comments which colour or pattern you think is best! We love hearing from you.


Hi everybody. We’re here from Van Isle Labradoodles today, and this is the one week update for the spring fling litter. We’re going to talk to you about each of the puppies, let you know what their weights are, what they’ve accomplished this week, and also tell you a bit about how Spirit’s doing with the babies. So let’s get started right away.

This is a litter of medium sized multi-generation Australian Labradoodles. And there are eight beautiful puppies in this rainbow litter. And this litter is called a rainbow litter because we have many different colors and patterns in the litter, which makes it really exciting and a really pretty litter for everybody. So we’re going to go through each of the puppies now in their birth order and let you know what their weights are, and how much weight they’ve gained in this first week. And if you watched our first episode when the puppies were born, you heard me say then that, we like to aim for the puppies to pretty much double their birth weight in the first week and all of these puppies have almost accomplished that.

So let’s start with Purple Collar. Purple Collar is, if Spirit’s going to let me get into Purple Collar. Here is Purple Collar, here he is. Mr. Purple Collar hello? Of course he can’t hear me. He’s a beautiful caramel and white Tuxedo, and a Tuxedo is all this lovely white collar that he has, white on his head and four high white socks on his body. And Mr. Purple Collar now weigh 615 grams. So he’s done really, really well and almost doubled his birth weight, which was just under 360 grams. So that’s Purple Collar. I’m just going to put him back over there and next on our list in birth order is Miss Orange Collar, and she is hiding, excuse me Spi, Spi, excuse me, Spi Spi. There we go. Oh Miss Orange Collar is down here, and she is busy nursing away, so she’ll be a little annoyed at me for removing her. There we go.

Miss Orange Collar is also a beautiful caramel Tuxedo girl. Again, you’ll see the white markings on the back of the neck, the head, the face, and the four beautiful white socks that she has. And Miss Orange Collar now weighs 556 grams, so she’s just a little smaller than Purple, but she still has very close to doubled her birth weight. So doing an excellent job, and I’m going to put her right back where she was, so she can continue to eat because she was obviously feeling that. She was quite hungry. Next in the birth order is Green Collar boy, and Green Collar boy is quite different in his coloring in that he is my favorite color way and that is a gorgeous, gleaming, ebony with some beautiful white abstract markings, and he has a lot of white on his chest too. So he is a really stunning fellow.

And Mr. Green collar now weighs 676 grams. He is the biggest puppy in the litter at this point in time. So he’s doing really well and obviously has a clear path to the milk bar. No problems with him finding his way to the food department. Next puppy born was Black collar. And hello sweetheart. This is Black collar. Black collar is a gorgeous, beautiful, caramel gold color with some lovely white markings as well. The little four white feet and some white in the head. Oh Spirit is going to rearrange herself here. Actually she’s going to say she wants a little time out from the puppies, so we’ll let her go find a spot to rest and then we can see the puppies all a bit better.

So Black collar is 571 grams. So again, very close to doubling the birth weight, which is what we’re aiming for here. There we go. That’ll be much easier to find each puppy. You want to come sit with me Spi Spi? Yeah, that’s a good girl. That’s a girl. Gray collar girl was the next one born, and Gray collar girl is the other black and white puppy in this litter. She’s a real sweetheart, and she too has those beautiful four white paws, some lovely white marking on her face and on her head. And then the gorgeous stripe of white down her body. Gray collar girl weighs 583 grams and is also doing really well, working towards that goal of doubling her birth weight. There you go my little sweet.

Red collar girl is the next one on our list and red collar girl is the only chocolate puppy in this litter, and she is also the only phantom. And the Phantom is these points of 10 which resemble the markings on a Yorkie, a rottweiler and a doberman. Very pretty, very striking when you have the lovely chocolate, and then you have the tan markings, and then she has the added bonus of these beautiful little white abstract markings too. She’s going to be a really pretty girl. And Ms. Brown or Ms. Red collar rather is 584 grams. So she too is doing really well, and she’s giving you a little look inside her mouth there. She doesn’t have anything much to show in her mouth yet except for her tongue. There we go little Red.

So after Red collar girl is Brown collar. Here we go sweetheart. Brown collar is beautifully, beautiful shade of light caramel, creamy color. And again, with those white Tuxedo markings, we have a lot of beautiful Tuxedo markings in these puppies. So Brown is a really, really sweet little puppy, very, very gentle, quite a bit quieter than the other puppies, and always differs when it comes to the milk bar, and Brown weighs 507 grams and is the smallest puppy at this point in the litter. But don’t be fooled by that because just what they are today is not necessarily what they’re going to be when they go home with you, or in three months time, or even in a year from now.

And finally, our last born in this litter was the always beautiful, Miss Yellow collar, and she too has those tuxedo type markings. Just let her get, there we go. Just wanted her to get herself adjusted there. Oh and look at that great big yawn that she’s going to show everybody. So she’s a little bit of a darker, caramely, gold color and that shows up those tuxedo markings just a little bit more than the lighter colored ones do. And Yellow weighs 565 grams. So she’s doing really well. So we’ll put her back here. You can see all the puppies are happy to sleep without spirit. They’re quite content to be without mom at this point. They’re still very dependent of course on her for obviously all of their food, they also are all still blind and deaf, and still unable to eliminate for the most part on their own.

We are starting to see a couple of pee spots, so some of them are able to pee on their own now, but mostly they’re still dependent on Spirit for her to stimulate them to have all of their eliminations. Now their eyes are showing us, just at the outside edges here, some of the puppies already have little tiny slits starting to appear. Now we have noticed in Spirit’s previous litters that her puppies tend to be ahead of the curve. So they reach their milestones a little bit more quickly than our other litters do. So I won’t be surprised if all of them have their eyes open next week when we do our two week update. And indeed, I wouldn’t be surprised if we have some of them opening their eyes even at the 10 day point as opposed to the normal sort of 14, 15, 16 day point.

None of them will be able to hear when we do our update next week, their ears usually remain sealed for about three weeks and by then they’ll also be able to start eliminating on their own. They’re getting a little bit better at controlling their own body temperature, but they are still entirely dependent on us keeping the ambient temperature at around 72 degrees, 22 Celsius and having Spirit for warmth and also one another. So when you see the puppies, and they’re really huddled up tight together, that lets you know that they’re cold, and the air temperature is not warm enough for them. If you see them totally scattered in the wellbeing bed, that means it’s too hot, and they’re trying to cool themselves down. But if they’re just sleeping, so they’re touching one another for that comfort and knowing that they’re with their family, then that means that things are just right.

So 22 degrees seems to be the optimum temperature at this point for these puppies. They’re happy. Spirit finds it a little bit hot for herself, but she’s out of the nest more now, so it’s more comfortable for her. And as for Spirit, Spirit you want to come see me? No, she’s lying right in front of me right now. Spi Spi, Spirit, come here Spirit, come here. You want to come see me? Oh she says, no, not really. I’m just happy over here. Spirit’s doing really well. She, because she’s an experienced mom, she’s very content to go and leave her puppies knowing that they’re safe and secure and there’s nothing for her to be concerned about. So she comes outside with us, she runs around out the back with all the other dogs. She likes to go and make sure everything’s in order.

Spirit is our boss dog, and Spirit is also the dog who likes to patrol the property and make sure that there’s no intruders and nobody is at risk of any harm. So she’s out doing that. She’s quite content to come out with us for a good 20 minutes now. She comes out probably twice a day for that, and she’s often out in the main part of the house. She no longer feels that she has to spend all of her time right in the immediate presence of her puppies. And as she’s doing right now, she’s also comfortable to leave the puppies in the nest and to take herself and lie on the cooler hardwood, and just get a break from being a mom.

So that’s your update for the spring fling litter of Labradoodle puppies. And at Van Isle Labradoodles, we’re really excited because we have another two litters that are expected this week. So we are going to have a house full of Labradoodle puppies very soon. These eight puppies have had all of our attention as they are the only litter right now, but our Kaleah and our Ella are both expecting their puppies to arrive sometime toward the end of this upcoming week. So it’s going to be a busy time, but so much fun and nothing’s better than having a house full of little Labradoodle puppies to enjoy.

So thanks for watching. If you have any questions about these puppies, or anything about labradoodles, or what it’s like to be a breeder on Vancouver island, be sure to just ask in the comments below. I’m always really happy to answer your questions and to share your puppy experiences with you. And we hope you enjoyed this video, and that you’ll be back next week to see how many changes there are in the puppies for week two.


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