These 7 boys and 1 girl have reached the 3 week mark and achieved some notable milestones since our 2 week update.

The puppies are all thriving in their new environment in the nursery.  Everyone has adapted well and all are sleeping comfortably in their crate now.  This is the first step toward giving you a puppy who is familiar with and fond of their crate – a real advantage when you take your baby home with you.

The puppies are also becoming accustomed to using pee pads and learning there are areas to pee in and areas not to pee in.  We give them different surfaces within their nursery area so they learn to associate going to the bathroom on pee pads and not other surfaces.

The biggest milestone accomplished, however, is eating from the puppy pan.  Peanut is very relieved that all the kids have mastered this skill sufficiently to allow her a break from supplying them with 100% of their nutritional needs.  Peanut comes and goes out of the nursery throughout the day and night so the puppies are becoming more independent from her already. 

Some of the pups’ ears have opened as well.  They are receiving a lot of audio stimulation in the nursery from voices, barking, music, television shows, sewing machine, vacuum and other things we dream up to have them become accustomed to.

All in all, everyone is thriving and just getting cuter and cuter every time we look at them.  They are becoming more affectionate as well so now you can find me in with the puppies for a good part of every day and evening as I snuggle them, play with them and observe them more closely in order to make the perfect match between you and just the right puppy.

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Puppy Statistics

Puppy ID Current Weight Weight Gain Notes/Comments
Female 1.102 kg 327 g A confident girl who loves her cuddles. Doing well with independent eating
Caramel 1.053 kg 323 g Sweet boy who eats well out of the pan. Quiet, calm temperament
Brown Collar 1.126 kg 240 g Usually last to the milk bar so less weight gain, eats from the pan fairly well. Calm, sensitive puppy
Grey Collar 1.056 kg 287 g Adorable fellow who is a squiggly one. Doesn't like having his photo taken. Doing well with eating from the pan
Tan Collar 1.052 kg 297 g Cutie pie who allows others to go before him. Mastering eating out of the pan
Red Collar 1.167 kg 257 g The largest puppy but not bossy or pushy. Eats very well from the pan
Black Collar 936 g 181 g The last puppy to nurse primarily while figuring out how to eat from the pan Very lovable fellow who is calm and intuitive
Green Collar 993 g 215 g One of the last to the milk bar but mastering eating from the pan. Green is very affectionate
Puppy ID
[envira-gallery id="5316"]
[envira-gallery id="5322"]
Brown Collar
[envira-gallery id="5327"]
Grey Collar
[envira-gallery id="5343"]
Tan Collar
[envira-gallery id="5339"]
Red Collar
[envira-gallery id="5349"]
Black Collar
[envira-gallery id="5353"]
Green Collar
[envira-gallery id="5357"]
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