The Marvelous Mix Up puppies are 6 weeks old and they have been assigned to their families!  Normally this happens later in the process but this time as there was only one female it wasn’t necessary to wait until the puppies were older for me to make my decision with respect to my breeding prospect.

Next to picking your puppy up, assignment day is the most exciting event through the entire procedure.

Here is how we matched the puppies up and why:

Red Collar

This outgoing, playful, curious and lively fellow is going to the Keating family.  This family is active, very social and wanted a puppy who would make them laugh, enjoy visits from friends and be happy doing family activities with everyone in the family.  We know Red Collar (no name yet) will bring love, laughter and happiness to the Keating family and that he in turn will be loved and well cared for.

Tan Collar

This handsome fellow is calm, quiet, a gentle soul with lots of cuddles and tremendous eye contact is going to the Lithwick family.  This family’s request was for companionship and potential to develop their puppy as a comfort dog.  Tan Collar – now known as Paladin Boone after the actor who starred in Have Gun Will Travel, “Pal”.  We know Pal is going to love his new family and really enjoy his career as a comfort dog.

White Collar

This guy is so much like his Mama Peanut.  He loves to play and has lots of energy coupled with an outgoing and loving temperament.  He is also sensitive and gentle when he needs to be.  Pickles’ new family consists of 2 young children including a 2 year old and we know Pickles will be very tolerant of the poking, prodding and dressing up a 2 year will likely expect of him.  Like Peanut, Pickles will love his children best of all.

Green Collar

Sweet, quiet, affectionate, calm and so desirous of doing what you want him to do sums up Green collar boy.  Alex is clever and affectionate and will fit in perfectly with his family of 2 adults and a 12 year old young girl.  We think Blythe and Alex are going to be the very best of friends as they grow up together and be a breeze to train.

Caramel Boy

Laid back, super chill, loving and entirely focused on people, this boy is just perfect for his new Mom, Shirley.  Shirley was looking for a companion and walking buddy and a puppy she could form a strong bond with.  Skippy will fulfill all her wishes and more.  Skippy is the type of dog who wants nothing other than to please his human.  And at Van Isle Doodles, we know Skippy is going to have oodles and oodles of doodle love.

Black Boy

Reserved, cautious but curious and very affectionate, black boy will fit in perfectly with the Telford family.  Archie’s new Dad is retired and I know he and Archie will have many long, serious conversations during the day while his new Mom is at work.  Archie will enjoy quiet time with his parents as well as going for walks and meeting people and other dogs in the neighbourhood.  His idea of the right pace of life will match his new family’s perfectly.  Archie will also have his very own kitten and that should be something he easily accepts and understands needs to be respected!

Brown Boy

This fellow is the first born of the litter and a real cuddle bug.  Brown (yet to be named) lives for his one on one time with people.  He loves to be handled, talked to and played with.  Brown also really enjoys playing with the other puppies and will easily get along with his new Mama’s granddogs.  A strong bond will develop between Mama and Brown.  Ev was seeking a companion who would develop a strong relationship with her and also get along readily with her son’s two dogs and we know Brown will enjoy doing both those things with Ev.


And finally the little girl in the litter will be a Van Isle Doodles breeding prospect.  In honour of her Mama, Lil Peanut, we have decided to name her Van Isle’s Lil Hazelnut and she will go by Hazel.  Although we didn’t have a lot of choice in this litter, we couldn’t be more thrilled with our Hazel.  She has lovely conformation, is true to the Labradoodle breed standard and has a terrific temperament that is similar to Peanut’s.  She is outgoing and confident but accomplishes that in a very quiet and unassuming manner. 

Hazel will allow her brothers to go before her but she makes herself known quite effectively in her own gentle manner. Hazel will be living in a Guardian Home with some lucky family who has yet to be determined.  We have our paws crossed for Hazel to continue the legacy of Peanut and Peanut’s line that started way back in the very beginning of our Labradoodle adventure.  Ripple and Hazel are the future of that line for us here at Van Isle Doodles. 

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