It always seems as though the 8 to 9 weeks we have our puppies just flies by.  Having a house full of labradoodles is always amazing, but labradoodle puppies are one of most joyous things imaginable.  Bright eyes, happy tails and lots of squeaks saying “pick me, pick me” is the best way to start any day.  We miss all the cuddles and antics of the puppies once they have gone to their furever homes.

While we are sad to see our babies leave our home, we are comforted knowing they are going to their very own amazing homes where they will be loved and cherished for a lifetime.

Labradoodles work well for so many different lifestyles and situations.  We so enjoy meeting all the different people who find the perfect fit for themselves with just the right labradoodle puppy.  Intelligent, fun, goofy, athletic and oh so cuddly, this breed of dog really suits almost everyone. 

A proud new labradoodle puppy mom holding her puppy

Whether you live in an urban environment such as Greater Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary or Edmonton or in a smaller community such as Nanaimo, Courtenay, Comox, the Sunshine Coast or many other communities throughout Alberta, Saskatchewan and beyond, it is easy to find the perfect size and temperament in the labradoodle breed to suit your lifestyle.

We take tremendous pride in our matching process and work hard to maintain our 100% perfect record of matching our families with just the right puppy for them.  We invest literally hundreds of hours with our puppies to ensure they are comfortable with the transition.  Crate training, potty training, time spent away from the litter, exposure to a variety of different people and situations all help to ensure your Van Isle Labradoodle puppy is a calm, secure and happy puppy.  We love what we do!!

It is so gratifying to receive lovely follow-up comments from our families about how readily their puppy has transitioned to their home from ours:

I just wanted to give you an update on how Archie is doing. He is such a sweet, lovely boy and a delight to have around! We all love him except for the cat who doesn’t quite know what to make of him!! Thanks again for all your support and good advice. We are so thrilled to have Archie – he’s a cuddly, sweet pup and just a dear. Now that he’s here we can’t imagine being without him!

Couple with their young daughter and their new labradoodle puppy

We just wanted to let you know that Pickles is doing so well. He slept on my lap all the way home, including on the ferry in the car. He got a pee break before we got on the ferry, I found a patch of grass and he knew exactly what to do! He let us know that he was a little upset about being away from his brothers and sister by crying a little when we got home and as he ran around sniffing out his new pad. We let him explore the house and then he did very well when I took him out on a leash to do his business out the front of our townhouse. He didn't eat much. But was pooped and slept in his crate next to our bed from 10.30pm until 7am this morning (well the old 7am, so 6am). He did cry for the first minute of being in the crate, but I gently reassured him and he settled in for his first night. The two of us are currently snuggled on the couch together. The kids are getting small amounts of time to interact and play with Pickles. We are trying to make sure he gets a break from them in between. I never realized quite how loud and crazy they were until now. Pickles is being a champ through the noise and I gently tell him how clever he is. We will keep you posted! Thanks again.

Family with daughter holding their new labradoodle puppy

Just a quick note to let you know Riley is doing amazing! He is settling in so easily, slept through the night and seems very happy! Thank you again for everything and such an amazing puppy!

Mother, Father and Daughter with their new labradoodle puppy

All is going well with Alex! He's very good about toileting. He's sleeping from 10:30-3 and then up out of crate around 5 to go pee outside. Just wanted to let you know. He's a great dog!!

It has been a busy day for Pal. Actually he slept for a long while this afternoon. He slept last night, but I didn't. I kept waking up to hear him breathe. So far I'm extremely impressed with how SMART he is. He has almost mastered sitting at the door before we go in and about half the time he waits for me to go first. He sure likes his toys but like any baby he appears to like his toy box better. He graps the handle and drags it into the middle of the room. He is a real joy. A gift. Thank you and Mama Peanut for me. Joey has settled very nicely. We've been taking short walks three or four times a day. Today was a big one, walking with Bill and his two dogs through McMinn Park. No other dogs around so the walk was off leash. What fun to watch Joey with the other two. He's been sleeping well at night. Joey is very good natured around company Joey is a loving pet. Thank you,

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