These puppies have really come into their own this past week.  Personalities are evident, coordination is vastly improved, curiosity is insatiable and the hierarchy within the group is being vied for constantly.  This is such a fun age when the puppies become individuals more than a litter.  And every one of them demands they be the focus of attention. 

The Milky Way pups go outside on a regular basis now and everyone has mastered the doggie door.  The pups are starting to learn to go to the bathroom when they are outside as well giving them a good start on housetraining for their lucky families.

Chew sticks and other teething toys are very popular as those teeth continue to develop and come in.  It isn’t as much fun to sit with them now as the sharp teeth hurt when they decide your toes, fingers or arms make good teething toys. 

There are lots of growls and barks going on as the puppies become more vocal and communicate with one another, the other dogs in the Doodle Den and us.  They know how to sing and cry as well as bark to get human attention when they want to be held, let out or fed.

Feeding is going very well and Bijoux has them almost fully weaned.  We allow Bijoux in with her puppies first thing in the morning for 5 minutes and around 5 in the afternoon for another quick 3 minute feed.  We will start to decrease that down to just the morning feed for 3 minutes for another 5 days and then eliminate her from feeding them altogether.

Raw chicken, canned food and kibble are all being eaten happily by the puppies.  The raw food is the favourite and disappears the most quickly but the kibble is popular as it helps with the teething. 

Tomorrow the puppies go in for their wellness exams and first shots so it is a big day with a car ride and visit to the vet.  It’s usually pretty loud in the car as they all wonder what on earth is happening.  We will also begin more serious crate training with the puppies this week separating them at first into 2 in a crate together and then just on their own in the crate.  We start with just 10 minutes in the crate and progress to longer periods of time between now and pick up day on the 28th

The puppies will also now begin to have individual time with us away from the litter so they learn to be comfortable on their own and not suffer from separation anxiety.  This helps to make the transition into their families’ homes easier for everyone.

Videos of the puppies’ antics can be found on our Facebook page, our Instagram account and on our You Tube channel as well as our website.  Just search for Van Isle Doodles on any of those media and you will find us and lots of cute videos.

Puppy Pictures!

Puppy ID This week's pictures
Blue Collar
[envira-gallery id="5806"]
Green Collar
[envira-gallery id="5810"]
Grey Collar
[envira-gallery id="5814"]
Pink Collar
[envira-gallery id="5823"]
Purple Collar
[envira-gallery id="5827"]
Red Collar
[envira-gallery id="5831"]
Tan Collar
[envira-gallery id="5835"]
[envira-gallery id="5842"]
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