A Formal Affair are 3 Weeks Old!

Eyes Ears and Tongues...

Here we are at the 3 week mark for the A Formal Affair litter of mini labradoodle puppies. This past week has seen major milestones for these little doods and they just keep getting cuter and cuter. 

All the puppies’ ears are open now and nothing is more rewarding than to have 6 gorgeous labradoodle faces looking up when they hear you enter their nursery.  Tails have started to wag in response to hearing our voices and the puppies are all starting to give us a great deal of eye contact now as well.

The bedding in the nest has been changed to pee pads as everyone is able to eliminate without Pippa’s assistance now.  We also need some good absorbency for the milk baths the puppies give themselves and their nest now that we have introduced goat’s milk to them.

Talk about a big week!

several chocolate and a few white and brown labradoodle puppies sleeping

Last week the puppies opened their eyes an could see some vague shapes.  This week their vision is somewhat improved, they can hear what is going on around them, they are able to go to the bathroom on their own and they have been introduced to food that doesn’t come from Pippa.

Puppy Statistics

Puppy ID Current Weight Weight Gain Notes/Comments
Blue Collar 1.09 kg 364 g Doing great. Just trying to figure out the milk pan.
Yellow Collar 760 g 256 g A true sweetheart. Likes to lick the milk off of her siblings.
Light Blue Collar 1.24 kg 395 g Still the big guy but hasn't yet mastered eating out of the puppy pan.
Purple Collar 1.01 kg 331 g Doing well and starting to figure out the milk pan.
Pink Collar 927 g 365 g A doll. No idea how to eat out of the milk pan but happy to nurse from Pippa.
Red Collar 1.0 kg 359 g The first and the master of the milk pan. The most advanced of all the pups in the litter. Also the most talkative.
top down view of chocaltae and one white and brown labradoodle puppies sleeping all curled up together

Like all puppies, once labradoodle puppies are 3 weeks old, it is almost as if they have  a second birth.  Now the puppies seem much more like “real” dogs and their individual personalities start to emerge.

For me, this is one of the most exciting periods of time we spend with a litter.  I love to watch how each of these little cuties develop and what traits they will have.  My notebook is starting to fill up with all the observations of these kids.

We are so disappointed not to be able to have our regular family visit next week due to the outbreak of parvo in the Greater Victoria area.  We very much look forward to welcoming our families who would have been flying in from Kelowna, Calgary, Vancouver and driven up from various parts of Vancouver Island for our visit.  We are so appreciative of everyone’s understanding that the puppies’ health and welfare must come first.  Renald and I have cancelled all of our own personal engagements so as to avoid exposure to any additional risk of bringing the parvo virus home with us.  We are not accepting visitors at this time and will continue to take all possible precautions to protect our little sweethearts. 

In lieu of the family visit, we will instead provide our families with a video showing the puppies playing and interacting with one another and ourselves.  While this won’t be quite the same as being here in person, we hope it will provide all of our families with a bit of the feeling of being with the pups.

Blue Collar
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Yellow Collar
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Light Blue Collar
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Purple Collar
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Pink Collar
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Red Collar
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