Adios Bijoux are 1 Week Old!

Look at us grow

These adorable labradoodle puppies have stolen our hearts!  There is something so irresistible about gleaming coats of ebony scattered with abstract white markings that just makes you stop and stare.  While I, and many others, are big fans of the more unusual colours you can find in the Australian Labradoodle breed, there is nothing more striking than the simple elegance of a jet black dog.  Stunning!  Not to take anything away from the unique and rare red sables in the litter.  They are also gorgeous and firsts for us.  Sable is a colour that fascinates us as it is unpredictable and no two sables are ever the same.  We will be watching closely to see how the colour changes over time with these two girls.  In the meantime, we will continue to be mesmerized by those shiny, mirror like coats of the black beauties.

eight puppies suckling at mom. 6 chocolate and 2 red
8 1 week old labradoodle puppies in their nursery exploring
four of the eight labradoodle puppies snugged up and sleeping together

Bijoux continues to show us all how to be the ideal Labradoodle Mama.  Her puppies are spotless at all times.  All the kids are plump, well behaved and beautifully cared for by our retiring Queen B.  We can see how strong Bijoux’s influence is on Spirit who is doing a remarkable job with her Mahogany Lace litter puppies as well. 

The puppies themselves have come along by leaps and bounds in their first 7 days of life in the real world.  While the puppies are still unable to see or hear, they can navigate their way to the milk bar without any difficulty whatsoever.  Everyone is getting lots of nourishing Mama milk and that shows in their solid weight gains.  We see lots of wagging tails at the Bijoux milk bar on a regular basis.

The puppies are starting to use their vocal chords a bit now as well.  We hear the lovely little puppy sounds of contentment while they are nursing.  We also sometimes hear some protests when someone loses a prime spot at the milk bar or can’t quite locate the rest of the gang.

We couldn’t be more thrilled with this litter.  It will be a difficult day when these little kids go to their furever homes.  These are our last puppies from Bijoux who was our original foundation girl at our current location.  Fortunately, we have Spirit and Bruno to carry on the tradition of excellence.

Spirit’s puppies are a dynamite group of puppies.  Bruno’s first litter is due on the 19th and then his second shortly after that.  We also have the adorable black and white puppy Cinder Ella who we hope will pass all her health testing and continue Bijoux’s legacy of excellence as well starting in 2019.  While Bijoux may be set to enjoy retirement, at Van Isle Labradoodles, we look forward to continuing her line through her offspring.  We hope one of the red sables from the Adios Bijoux will join Spirit, Bruno and Cinder Ella as the future of Van Isle Labradoodles.

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