Adios Bijoux are two weeks old


Six ebony beauties and two redheaded Australian Labradoodle puppies make up the Adios Bijoux litter.  These little ones are two weeks old now and their world has started to change.  While not all the puppies have their eyes entirely open, everyone has at least opened their eyes enough to get a glimpse of the big outside world.

Like all puppies, Labradoodles are born blind, deaf and unable to eliminate on their own.  At about two weeks of age, eyes start to open and around three weeks the ears start to open up.  Being able to “go” on their own starts anywhere around the 2 to 3 week point in time as well. 

While these little Doodles have eyes that are at least partially open, their ability to see is still quite limited.  Shapes and movement are about all that their new eyes can process at this point.  Scent remains the primary source of all information for the puppies at this point in time.

Close up of the face of one of the ebony labradoodle puppies, eyes are closed

Before we know they will be roaring about and getting into all sorts of mischief.

two ebony labradoodle puppies, picturte is taken in portrait and the two labradoodle puppies look like weiner dogs! Snuggled together and sleeping.

Bijoux is starting to let the kids be on their own for longer periods of time now.  She will come and give them all her special Labradoodle Mama brand of clean up and affection and then give them all a good feed.  After that, Bijoux lies just outside of the nest where she can keep a close watch on the little Doodles but has a sense of individuality and space for herself.

As for the puppies, it is great fun watching them learn to negotiate all 4 of their legs.  They are a bit wobbly on those 4 legs but they are starting to move around much more and with greater ease every day.  Before we know they will be roaring about and getting into all sorts of mischief.

The puppies all continue to gain weight and those ebony coats are simply to die for!  The red sables are very interesting and their colouring changes almost daily as is the norm for all sables.  Those shiny blacks with their high contrast white markings though totally capture my heart.  When Australian Labradoodles first came on the scene, black was the most common colour for them.  As was a curly coat.  Now, a black Australian Labradoodle is something of a rarity and highly sought after and prized.  What was the most common colour has become one of the more unusual colours in a multigeneration Australian Labradoodle puppy.  Curly coats have also gone by the wayside and are not seen in the multigenerational Labradoodles much any longer.  Curly is not my personal favourite as it is more difficult to brush but those blacks are indeed up there on my favourites list.

Puppy Statistics

Puppy ID Current Weight Weight Gain Notes/Comments
Light Blue Collar 672 g 270 g The smallest puppy weight wise and the hardest to photograph. LB just doesn't stay still. LB has her eyes partially open.
Green Collar 980 g 412 g A big boy who knows how to find the primo spot at the milk bar. Eyes are fully open and the white goatee is adorable
Pink Collar 830 g 340 g Pink has her eyes mostly open. She is gaining weight easily and is very feminine in her appearance.
Red Collar Girl 863 g 363 g An ebony knock out, red has not fully opened her eyes yet. She is gaining well.
Yellow Collar 750 g 290 g Yellow's phantom markings make him quite stunning. His eyes are fully open
Blue Collar 963 g 443 g This red sable girl is unique in her colouring and the larges puppy to date. Her eyes are fully open
Orange Collar 775 g 303 g Orange also has gorgeous phantom markings making him a real looker. His eyes are fully open
Peach Collar 806 g 364 g Interesting, ever changing colour, this red sable girl has her eyes fully open
Light Blue
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