Adios Bijoux Assignments

ta da!

One of the most highly anticipated moments in a family’s Labradoodle puppy journey with Van Isle Labradoodles is allocation day!  Finally, after months of waiting, the little bundle of Labradoodle love they will be owned by for the rest of the puppy’s life is revealed. 

At Van Isle Labradoodles we go through a lengthy process of assessing each of our puppies.  From the moment a puppy is born through to the email letting a family know the puppy is going to their home, we carefully observe, record and monitor each puppy’s actions and reactions. 

We expose our Labradoodles to as many different stimuli and situations in a positive manner as we possibly can.  Not only does this provide us with information as to how each puppy responds but it also helps each puppy to learn not to fear new things but rather to be curious about them.

Our assessments are of course just a snapshot of what the puppy will be once they have matured.  Our families are the ones who will truly shape and develop their puppy.  Our observations of certain characteristics and traits helps us to do the initial match up of puppy to family in a successful manner but it is up to each individual family to raise the puppy to be the best they can be.

The experiences a puppy has during their first year make a lifetime impression on that puppy.  We can send home a highly confident, outgoing puppy and if that puppy has a negative experience during their first year such as being attacked by a strange dog at a dog park, then that puppy’s temperament is going to change drastically. 

Similarly, if we have a puppy who is still finding their way and is somewhat hesitant about life and their family gives them multiple positive experiences, then that puppy will mature to be a happy, confident and all round fantastic Labradoodle. 

We provide the foundation and our families take it from there.  Our vetting process is fairly strict and as a result the ALAA registered puppies from Van Isle Labradoodles are fantastic adult dogs we are so proud of. 


This girl reflects the best of both Bijoux and Hombre.  She is stunning with her unique sable colouring and has a delightful personality as well. 

Blue collar is gentle, giving, loving and just waiting for a family to call her own. 

Rick and Sharon are looking for a companion to enjoy their active retirement with.  Walks, socializing with friends, car rides doing errands and generally enjoying life on the most beautiful place in the world will all be things Blue Collar enjoys with her new family.

Blue enjoys being cuddled, meeting new friends and has a lovely mellow temperament.  She will keep Rick and Sharon engaged without being exhausting!

A Red Sable labradoodle puppy in basket

Light Blue

Tegan fell in love with Light Blue girl during the puppy family visit.  Fortunately, Light Blue is the ideal match for Tegan and her parents.

Light blue is a petite little girl who lives for snuggles and cuddles.  Light blue is the type of puppy who will adore growing up together with Tegan and also being a great companion to Tegan’s Mom and Dad, Janine and Jeff.

This little girl adores the water and we think she is going to be thrilled to learn how to sail, kayak and paddle board with her furever family.  She is an intelligent girl who excels at learning new things quickly and easily.  Her communication skills are exceptional and her ability to be Tegan’s BFF incomparable.  A perfect match!


Orange collar boy is one of the beautiful phantom boys of the litter.  This puppy is an absolute delight in terms of both his incredible phantom markings and his delicious temperament.

Orange collar loves to be friends with everyone.  His idea of a perfect day is chasing after the ball and other toys, interacting with his littermates and meeting new humans who will cuddle with him.

Kathy and Larry enjoy a relaxed lifestyle and will enjoy the friendship Orange – we already know his name will be Cooper – and the love Cooper will shower them with.  Cooper is a happy, calm puppy who exhibits the famous Labradoodle intelligence with a gentle temperament.


This lovely little girl truly is a Peach.  Quiet, calm and oh so gentle, Peach collar is ideal for the Rhodes family in terms of both their lifestyle but also for their older dog, Abbey.

Peach possesses a maturity that will allow her to recognize and respect Abbey’s role as the elder dog.  Peach will make her humans, Brenda and Rick happy with her very calm and sweet mannerisms.

Peach loves to explore the out of doors with her human friends.  Peach especially loves the times when she is cuddled and loved by her people.  Peach enjoys meeting new dogs and interacting with everyone she meets be they a new friend or someone she is familiar with.  This is a girl who will fit in easily with her new family and learn quickly.

Red Sable Labradoodle Puppy in a basket. The red sables look like a caramel and black swirl, very unique!


Pink collar is ideal for her new family.  A busy household with lots of kids and two adults is right up her alley.  This little gal adores all people of all ages and thrives in an atmosphere that is full of life, laughter and fun.

Pink likes to be out and about exploring, running and generally having an active lifestyle.  Pink is going to be in her element with 3 kids in the family to go to the beach with, run with and just generally hang around with.  I don’t think she could imagine a life she would prefer more than one with lots of kids and activity.

Pink is also the type of girl who will also happily relax next to one of her human family members while they work, study or enjoy a good movie on TV after being active.  She is an exceptionally adaptable girl who looks forward to new experiences and every single day.

Pink will also look forward to lots of time being snuggled and cuddled by her adult human Mom, Lisa.  She will be a wonderful new Tsiandoulas family member.  I hear that she may also enjoy some play dates with Bowen from the Mahogany Lace litter. 


Red collar girl is overflowing with love and affection.  She is a very sweet, gentle soul who wants nothing more than to get along with everyone and everything.

Red is adept at adapting to different situations and fitting in successfully.  Her new family have a cat and hopefully the cat will learn to love Red.  We know Red will be willing to love the cat but sometimes cats have agendas of their own!  Usually it takes a bit of time for kitty to warm up to a new little puppy but we are confident Red will win kitty over in due course.

As for the humans, we know Jane and Rick will be head over heels with their little girl.  Red will be very content to spend the day working from home with Jane.  She will also be happy to greet Dad in the evenings with lots of hugs and kisses.

Black Labradoodle Puppy in a basket sitting on a stuffy
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