Blonde Brownies are Born


Introducing the Blonde Brownies litter. These medium multi-generation Australian Labradoodle puppies were born on October 20th, and we are excited to show you all their unique traits.

Labradoodles are known for many different things, including their variety of colors and patterns. The Blonde Brownies are what we call a rainbow litter. That means all the puppies in the litter are different colors and patterns. The only color that isn’t represented here is cream, which is what Spirit is herself. Spirit is actually an apricot, but shows as cream. However, she carries genetics for all the different colors. That means, depending on which stud we pair her with, we get a different variety of colors and patterns. In this litter, we have: sable, parti, phantom, and a tri. Those are all rare colors within the Australian Labradoodle world. We’re excited as Labradoodle breeders to have this stunning litter.

Brand new Sable coloured labradoodle puppy going for a drink at mom's milk bar.
Parti labradoodle puppy, brown with white markings, like a jersey cow, have a good feed at mom; good shot of the whole puppy, very cute!
CLose up of three puppies, heads all laying the same way having a good feed at mom, two browns and a black.
A parti labradoodle puppy (white and black) laying down with mom, good perspective shot at the same level as the puppy.

In this litter, we have: sable, parti, phantom, and a tri. Those are all rare colors within the Australian Labradoodle world.

This litter has another unique feature; it is what we call a dual-sired litter. In a dual-sired litter, there are two possible fathers. We had planned for Spirit to honeymoon with Trip. Trip is a young rookie, this was his first honeymoon. He got distracted fairly easily and wasn’t feeling too comfortable in his role. So we called Hombre as backup. Hombre has lots of experience and we knew for sure we would be able to give all the families on this list a puppy.

The puppies are quite a unique range of colors and patterns; both Hombre and Trip carry for all of them so we’re not able to tell who the daddy is yet. At about three and a half weeks of age, we will do a DNA swab and send it off to the lab.. Then the lab will confirm parentage for us. Results will come in about a week later and we will know who belongs to which daddy. It’s kind of fun!

Spirit herself is very relaxed. She’s calm and content with her little family. She’s doing a great job with them. She hasn’t lost any weight and her coat is still lovely and glossy. Part of this is from the pre-pregnancy and pregnancy. All our dogs eat a 100% raw diet and that helps to keep them healthy. It’s important that our girls are as healthy as possible throughout their pregnancy and afterwards.

Right now the puppies are all blind. Most people know that puppies are born with their eyes sealed shut and their eyes will stay shut until they’re about 10 days to 14 days old. But what a lot of people don’t realize is that the puppies are also born with their ears sealed shut. Their ears will open after their eyes, usually around the three week mark. The other thing they can’t do on their own yet is eliminate. Spirit looks after that for them. She stimulates them while she’s cleaning them Around three weeks they will be able to eliminate on their own.

Feeding eight little faces like this is a lot of work. Right now, Spirit is consuming about 300% more than her normal calorie intake. She has some homemade chicken in addition to her usual raw food. She’s also eating a healthy portion of dried sardines and she has a calcium supplement. She’s doing great. She’s started to leave the puppies for 10-15min while she comes outside with me which is a sign of her comfort in her new role.

We like to ensure the puppies know that people are safe from day one. We do a couple of things with them each day to solidify that people are good. One of the things we do is called “scenting”. We hold the puppies close to our neck and we let them snuggle in. They know it’s us because the only sense they have right now is smell By doing this, they learn this smell is comfort, this is good. We also talk while we hold them so that they get the vibrations from our chest. Even though they can’t hear, they’re experiencing some sensory stimulation. We also make them just a little bit uncomfortable each day. While holding them, we simply tip their head down for a brief second. All that does is teach them that unexpected things may occur during the day, but it’s nothing bad. It helps them become better adjusted, happier and calmer puppies in the future.

Eight labradoodle puppies sleeping partially curled together

This litter will be going home to their families just after Christmas. We’ll have lots of updates and information along the way. It’s so much fun to watch them grow. In a couple of weeks from now when their eyes open, that’s when they really start to develop their own personalities. We are already starting to see their little personalities.

Meet the Puppies


He is a sable. His face is a very dark chocolate whereas his body is a beautiful light golden caramel color. This is one of the hallmark traits of a sable. What makes a sable is darker tips on the coat. Sometimes those tips will be in a cluster such as on the face or on their tail. He has a dark line down his back and that’s fairly common for sables


She is also a sable, her face is a little bit of a dark chocolate color whereas her body is a gorgeous golden caramel shade. She also has the cutest little white tiptoes. Just adorable. What happens with the sable is that the darker coloring on their face will “clear out” and they end up being this beautiful golden caramel color.


He is black, with beautiful white markings. I just love the deep richness of the ebony color dogs and their white markings just give them a striking look. This guy has the cutest little white tiptoes and he also has a little white goatee. The white goatee that he has is courtesy of his grandma Bijou. Bijou puppies all have little goatees and its an adorable little trait. This fellow also has a beautiful white chest. He is going to be fabulous when he’s mature with those beautiful white markings to set off that deep, rich blackness.


She has another very unique Labradoodle color and pattern. She’s what we call a phantom. She has tan points on the front of her paws and on the side of her face. A phantom has markings that are similar to a Doberman or a Rottweiler. The tan is on their legs, on the side of their face or on their chest. She also has white. So that makes her a particularly unique girl. That’s what we call a tricolor phantom.


This little girl is a parti dog. This is another unique marking of Labradoodles. A parti is two colors. This girl is brown and white. She has gorgeous big white ruff around her neck and she has some pretty little white markings on the sides of her hind legs and then the cute little white tip on her tail. She has beautiful totally symmetrical markings on her face.


The other parti in this litter, he’s a black and white parti. But he is an extreme parti. By an extreme, we mean that most of their body is one color and their markings are made up of their second color. So this guy has black markings on his head, with a mostly white body. He has a lot of white on his face and then he has black on his bum and on his tail. He has a really interesting tail pattern as well. Normally with a parti you get a tail with a white tip, but this guy has a swoop of white across his black tail. It’s pretty cute and makes him unique.


She is the only puppy in the litter that is solid. She has no white on her at all and she’s most like chocolate. She could be a sable, but we think she’s probably a nice beautiful dark rich chocolate color. Her coloring is simple yet striking. A real beauty.

Black and white labradoodle puppy peaking through its mom's legs