A Formal Affair are Two Weeks Old

The Formal Affair puppies are 2 weeks old today and they have reached a major milestone – their eyes are all wide open!  The puppies still can’t really “see” but they are able to detect images and different lightness/darkness and overall shapes.  These adorable mini labradoodle puppies still use their sense of smell to tell them pretty much everything about their world but their eyes are already adding to their sensory input.

While Calgary and other parts of Canada have been suffering through a bitter cold snap, here on Vancouver Island and throughout the Lower Mainland, we have been fortunate and escaped with temperatures that are all above zero still.  We still have a bit of snow on the ground at Van Isle Headquarters but the forecast is for a lot of rain coming up so it will likely all be gone in short order.  The puppies of course are not old enough to go outside but Pippa brings them news of what’s out there when she goes out for her brief breaks from the kids.

Weights continue to be excellent with this litter.  Pippa is enjoying a lovely combination of raw chicken, herring, lamb, vegetables and duck.  Quite the combination!  She is eating well and just today had her first meal outside of the whelping room in the Doodle Den with the other labradoodles.

Labradoodle puppy stretched out on back, very cute

Labradoodle puppies are all clever little things and Pippa’s puppies are no exception.

The puppies are exposed daily to various challenges such as obstacles being placed between them and Pippa and everyone has enjoyed terrific success at overcoming each challenge we give them.

The next major milestone for these puppies will be having their ears open and being able to eliminate on their own.  Once the pups are able to potty independently they will be moved from the whelping nest and into the Doodle Den.  It’s a big change and a major milestone in a litter’s development.

Black labradoodle puppy climbing over another puppy
an overall of all the puppies sleeping together in a tight knot
Overall picture of all the puppies in the formal affair litter sleeping in the welping box

Puppy Statistics

Puppy ID Current Weight Weight Gain Notes/Comments
Blue Collar 726 g 299 g Nice boy who is in the middle of the pack.
Yellow Collar 504 g 183 g Sweet little girl who is well able to negotiate her way to the milk bar. A very noisy eater.
Light Blue Collar 845 g 342 g The biggest by far but not pushy at all
Purple Collar 679 g 245 g Likes to be the one to tell Pippa when it's time for a refill.
Pink Collar 562 kg 177 g Sweet little girl who acquiesces prime position at the milk bar readily.
Red Collar 641 kg 237 g A talker, this girl is a good size and makes sure everyone hears her when she wants something.
Close up of chocolate labradoodle head

Puppy Pictures!

Puppy ID This week's pictures
Blue Collar
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Yellow Collar
[envira-gallery id="6369"]
Light Blue Collar
[envira-gallery id="6373"]
Purple Collar
[envira-gallery id="6377"]
Pink Collar
[envira-gallery id="6381"]
Red Collar
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