Mahogany-Lace 5 Weeks Old

mover and shakers

The adorable Labradoodle puppies from our Mahogany Lace litter are growing up!  Our families enjoyed a visit with the puppies last weekend.  People traveled from the Lower Mainland and the Okanagan as well as across Vancouver Island to meet the puppies for the first time. Everyone enjoyed themselves thoroughly with the puppies thinking they had never had it so good.  Lots of attention and love and cuteness overload in the Doodle Den!  We also were very fortunate to have the talented photographic skills of our good friends from Wally and Roops Pet Photography.

An ebony labradoodle puppy with a its new owner, a young girl. The puppy is snuggled in to the girl's neck.
Labradoodle puppy being hugged by new "mom"


We find that after the family visit the puppies transition overnight from infants to youngsters.  Like all other puppies, Labradoodle puppies love new adventures and to explore.  We have opened the door for the Mahogany Lace puppies now at so they might experience the great outdoors.  All 8 puppies are delighting in this new found freedom and giant playground.

One of the big attractions of the Australian Labradoodle breed is their love of people and their very social nature.  The puppies so enjoyed their family visit time that now they are always clamouring for more and more and more time with their humans.  We have begun to introduce the puppies to new people so they encounter and become comfortable with a wide variety of different people.  We have men, women, teenagers, young children and so forth who we know and trust that come and spend some time interacting with the kids.  Renald and I also sometimes wear hats, speak in different voices, laugh, whistle, sing and generally make fools out of ourselves to again give the puppies lots of new experiences.  Our goal is to give the puppies as much exposure as possible before they go to their furever homes.  This exposure done in a positive, safe environment allows the puppies to develop a healthy curiousity about new adventures as opposed to being afraid of new things.

Spirit has also recognized the maturing of her puppies and has started to give them more time without her.  Spirit still carefully monitors their behaviour and keeps an eye on their antics but without so much constant and direct contact now.  Spirit has the loveliest nature and is a gentle, soft girl and that sweet nature is evident in how she deals with her puppies.  Corrections are very kind with Spirit guiding them to the behaviour she is looking for rather than disciplining them for behaviour she doesn’t want.  She is truly a modern, positive reinforcement type of Mama Labradoodle.

Labradoodle puppy in the Doodle den having its first family visit
families all sitting and meeting their puppies for the first family visit

Green is a boy who is naturally inquisitive and who enjoys being the first to try new things out. Green is also a loving little cuddle bug who can’t wait to be picked up and stroked. We love the gentle, curious nature of this little charmer. His terrific looks are an added bonus. Green is a terrific example of the Australian Labradoodle breed standard with his terrific stocky physique. A looker!

Labradoodle puppy in a basket with a furry blanket, close up portrait shot, very cute. Puppy is cramel with a white blaze on forehead.

Orange melts our hearts with his eyes that look right into your heart and show you his. This boy is gentle but also full of fun. His classic Australian Labradoodle good looks in gleaming ebony shine just as his personality does. Orange loves to play tug and chase the ball. This fellow likes to snuggle right into the side of your neck with a soft sigh and fall asleep while you hold him close.

An ebony labradoodle puppy in a basket having a close up portrait done.

Peach is a puppy with personality. This smaller labradoodle thinks life is one big adventure and that everyone is just waiting for him to arrive and start playing. Peach likes to be invited to the party and then be the star of the show. Fun, cute and perky, this little one steals your heart with his adorable good looks and antics.


Lacey is fond of telling her brothers off and carrying on like the princess she believes herself to be. Lacey has character to spare and we believe she is going to be a reincarnation of her Grandma Bijoux. A bit bossy to hide a little bit of shyness is how this beauty presents herself to the world. We have high hopes that this girl will continue the legacy Bijoux has begun at Van Isle Labradoodles..

Caramel Labradoodle Puppy in a basket getting close up portrait, has her head turned to the right, dark markings under her eyes

Grey is quite the fellow. He can frequently be found standing apart from the others while he growls and barks telling everyone off! Sometimes grey gets so excited about deivering his message that he knocks himself over with his enthusiastic growls. Pick this little one up though and all that bravado evaporates as he snuggles close for his favourite event – the snuggle.


Adorable, handsome, well put together and very quiet, calm and agreeable describes Mr. Black. This boy captures evreyone’s heart with his sweet, expressive face. He is smaller but his personality is large. Black just wants everyone to get along, play nicely together and then have a big snuggle that lasts all day long. Cuteness overload!


Yellow is confident, calm and intelligent. This fellow is usually one of, if not the first one to accomplish new challenges. Yellow is happy, outgoing and can’t wait to discover new things every day. His dark chocolate looks and beautiful soulful expressiono naturally draw you into his soulful eyes. A great package all the way around.

Chocolate labradoodle puppy in a basket getting portarait taken. Sitting straight up

Brown is so precious and the largest boy in the litter. He is built like a tank and is able to withstand a lot of rough play with his siblings. Brown is incredibly gentle, soft and uber sweet. Cuddling and snuggling are brown’s favourite activities.

Caramel labradoodle puppy in a nasket, has one paw on the edge, looking very regal!