Mahogany-Lace 3 Weeks Old

it's a whole new world!

These Labradoodle puppies are 21 days old and their world has changed dramatically from just 7 days ago!

The first excitement for the Mahogany Lace litter of Van Isle Doodle puppies was moving out of the maternity ward and into the nursery located in our Doodle Den.  The puppies made the transition easily and started to enjoy their newly expanded living quarters right away.  Mama Spirit took a bit longer to embrace the idea of the new location but now she has adjusted and is also happy with the increased square footage. 

The next bit of adventure was for the puppies to begin to eat “real” food. As a general rule, we begin the transition to regular food at 3 weeks, not 2.  And at that, puppies usually take another 3 to 4 days to get the hang of how lapping actually works.

Close up of 3 caramel and one chocolate labradoodle puppies in their bed, one has its eyes open, but is not looking at the camera, head over its chocolate litter mate.

These puppies started lapping milk from a pan when they were just over 2 weeks of age!

Labradoodle Puppy litter

But not the Mahogany Lace puppies!  Oh no!  They got down to business as soon as the pan of goat’s milk appeared and on that same day, every puppy learned how to work their tongues so as to be able to lap up some of the delicious concoction we prepare for them.  Goat’s milk is combined with pumpkin and Karbo Essential probiotics and some pablum is also added for extra heft.  The recipe is a big hit with the kids!

The most entertaining development this past week has been the emergence of puppy growl sounds and puppy barks.  Nothing is cuter than watching a toddler tottering about on 4 legs emitting a ferocious (at least to the puppy it is ferocious) sounding growl.  Often the puppies get so serious about growling that they knock themselves off their feet!  Much better entertainment than anything you can find on a screen!

Next weekend is puppy family visit week and all the lucky families on Spirit’s list will have a chance to participate in and enjoy the hijinks of this beautiful group of Australian Labradoodle puppies.  Renald and I are both over the moon with this litter and so very proud of Spirit.  Very special thanks go out to Kodiak of Leapfrog Labradoodles as well for helping Spirit create these incredible beauties.

Puppy Statistics

Puppy ID Current Weight Weight Gain Notes/Comments
Green Collar 1.402 kg 333 g Handsome green continues with his lovely laid back demeanour. Sweet, good looking and first to do everything. Green was the first puppy to figure out how to eat from the pan.
Orange Collar 1.240 kg 284 g A coat that gleams and a face that melts your heart. Patient, kind, gentle and simply stunning. This fellow is eating well out of the pan and right in the middle of the group.
Peach Collar 1.072 kg 255 g A smaller puppy but such a love bug. Cuddles and snuggles are favourites for this guy. He eats out of the pan readily but still prefers his Mama's milk bar.
No Collar Girl 1.144 kg 340 g Still a big talker, this girl has a strong personality. She doesn't like to sit still and isn't one for love and hugs at this point. She has done really well eating from the pan as you can see as she is no longer the smallest puppy.
Grey Collar 1.261 kg 348 g A true angel, this fellow is such a nice puppy. Cute, cuddly, calm and happy with life every day. Doing well eating from the pan but also likes his Mama Spirit.
Black Collar 1.055 kg 271 g Super affectionate and easy going. This boy is a true daring who epitomizes the Labradoodle temperament. He is having no probems eating from the pan.
Yellow Collar 1.322 kg 310 g A beautiful puppy who is thoughtful, calm and curious. Yellow likes to be right out at the front to see what's new all the time. He was one of the first puppies to master eating from the pan.
Brown Collar 1.266 kg 364 g Brown has got it going on in terms of being one good looking dood! This boy is stunning and he is also a sweetheart. Brown is always quick to pick new things up and curious but also thoughtful and considered in all he does. Other than eating from the pan, that he goes at with gusto!
Green Collar
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Orange Collar
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Peach Collar
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Grey Collar
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Black Collar
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Yellow Collar
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Brown Collar
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