Mahogany Lace are 1 week old!

Last Friday, March 16th, 2018, Spirit delivered her first litter of Labradoodle puppies – The Mahogany Lace litter.  What a spectacular first litter it is!  Rainbow litters are always a special treat.  Of course Labradoodles in any colour and pattern are adorable but having a variety of colours in a litter of puppies is always fun.

Spirit started labour about 8 pm on Thursday evening and the first puppy arrived shortly after 3:00 in the morning on Friday.  By 6:30 Friday morning all 8 puppies had arrived.  Everyone, including Spirit, did very well with no issues at all.

Spirit stuck with the current male heavy trend we have had going on here lately at Van Isle Labradoodles with 7 of the puppies being boys and just one female.  We have 1 black, 1 cream, 3 chocolates and 3 golden caramel labradoodles in this litter.  There are a couple of small white abstract markings on toes and one on the chest but these labradoodles are mostly solid coloured puppies.

Close up of newborn labradoodle puppy, head only. Carmel coloured

With a larger litter than anticipated we were able to make some families on our wait list very happy indeed with the good news. 

Puppy Statistics

Puppy ID Current Weight Weight Gain Notes/Comments
Green Collar 600 g 241 g First born caramel male with a white diamond on his head . A sweet boy who easily finds the best spot at the milk bar.
Orange Collar 450 g 137 g 2nd born solid black male. This fellow is tenacious and always sure he gets a spot at the milk bar.
Peach Collar 441 g 170 g Chocolate male, 3rd born. This fellow is a calm, quiet guy.
No Collar Girl 448 g 172 g Solid golden caramel and the only girl. Quiet and not pushy at all.
Grey Collar 494 kg 151 g Chocolate male with a white abstract mark on his chest. Grey is a sweet fellow who is quiet so far.
Black Collar 421 kg 106 g Caramel male who is getting better at finding the premium spots at the milk bar. A gentle boy.
Yellow Collar 511 kg 239 g A chocolate boy who is a terrific feeder. No problem for this boy to find his way to the best spots at the milk bar.
Brown Collar 497 kg 204 g Caramel male with some white on his underside and toes. A good eater who is fairly independent.

We are very excited with this litter to have our very first Van Isle Labradoodle going to Haida Gwaii.  The remainder of the group will find their new homes throughout Vancouver Island the Lower Mainland. 

We have begun our early stimulation program with all the puppies as well as scenting with them.  Scenting is the process of handling the puppies and holding them up to our necks and faces allowing them to become familiar with our scent and breath smells.  None of the puppies can hear or see yet but their sense of smell is very keen and this helps them learn we are part of their pack.  Now, whenever I am in the whelping box with them, they will come towards me just as they will gravitate to Spirit after she has been away from them.

Early stimulation is a process whereby we give each puppy a very brief, few seconds of “stress” to help them learn not to be afraid of new experiences.  Right now we are doing things such as holding them in our hands upside down for a second or two, holding them vertically and other similar things.  We also are touching all their feet and toes, tails, ears and entire body multiple times a day so they become familiar with being handled.

We are so proud of Spirit and also want to thank Kodiak from Leapfrog Labradoodles for giving us such a gorgeous litter of multigenerational Australian Labradoodles. 

Close up of a caramel labradoodle puppy 1 week old
Caramel labradoodle baby on its back

This litter is fully booked, however, if you would like a Van Isle Labradoodle puppy to join your family, please submit an Application Form for our consideration. 

We are hopeful that the lone girl in this litter will be a breeding quality girl for the future of Van Isle Doodles.  We will be looking for a guardian for her should this be the case.  Click on Guardian Homes for more info. If we decide not to proceed with the little girl as a breeding prospect then she will be available as a companion puppy to a lucky family. 

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