Perrito Fiest are Seven Weeks

allocation Day!

Here is the Perrito Fiesta mini-labradoodles litter at just over seven weeks old now; it is allocation day! Next to pick up day this is the most fun time for the families.

This is when we find out which family each puppy has picked for their forever home. We invite all of you to check out this post on You Tube; like the video, subscribe to our channel, and if you have any questions, please ask your question in the comment section on You Tube or here. I’ll be happy to answer them for you.

A brown labradoodle puppy with her head snuggled into a white and brown puppy. Both asleep. A chocolate labradoodle and another white and brown puppy can be seen in the distance behind them.

Eyes are the windows to the soul they say and as Labradoodle breeders, we find this particularly true with our puppies.

This is Bernadette, one of the smallest puppies in the litter. We named her Bernadette because she is a tuxedo and looks a bit like a St. Bernard. Her registered name will be St. Bernadette. Bernadette is our keeper girl from the litter and hopefully a prospective breeding girl. She’s going to a Guardian family in Victoria. We wish we could keep her for our own, she’s such a little doll.

Bernadette Labradoodle Puppy. A parti that look slike a miniature st. bernard!

This is light-blue collar boy. This guy is a ball of energy and lots of fun. He’s super confident. And he is going all the way to Pennsylvania. He has a big trip ahead of him. Taylor, our assistant, is going to fly with him and deliver him directly to Pennsylvania where he is going to be a stud dog for another Labradoodle breeder. We think he’s going make a terrific addition to their program.

Sable labradoodle puppur sitting politely

This is Mister Lively Party Boy, one of the larger puppies in the little. He is such a lovely balanced puppy. He’s fun, he’s playful, he’s outgoing. He absolutely adores meeting children and making lots of new friends, whether they’re dogs or people. This little guy enjoys games and all sorts of new things. He is going to North Vancouver where he will be a work partner for Henrik. He’s going be a big brother for Karina and grow up with her, and he is also going to be a nice, cuddly companion for Ariana. We also know that while he’s living in North Van, he’s going to be best friends with Tux. Tux is another Labradoodle from Van Isle Labradoodles, and he is from the Milky Way litter.

a chocolate parti mini labradoodle puppy sitting very politely under a tree by one of its roots

Mister Green Collar! He is a sweet, gentle soul. He is the one out of everybody that is in tune and in sync with people’s feelings. He is very affectionate. He likes to cuddle and snuggle. Mister Green is the type of puppy who is going to be very bonded to one particular person. He’s going to want to have a single best friend.

Mister Green is gonna go live in Nanaimo where he will be a BFF for Rhonda. He’s also going to be the source of many new friends and social outings for the two of them together. They’re going enjoy lots of walks, hang on the beach, and checking out new hiking trails. And he will have lots of fun with his extended family, who also happen to have a Goldendoodle. Mister Green Collar is going to enjoy lots of time with the kids and a Goldendoodle from that family. We know Rhonda is going have a really, wonderful companion in Green.

Light brown puppy sitting up in a dog bed looking at the camera
A couple with their labraddole puppy

After Mister Green we have Mister Purple Collar. Purple Collar is a teddy bear who just loves everybody. Even though he is young, he is showing us already he has strong empathy. He also has lots of tolerance for new situations, sounds, and different events. He likes to meet new people. He likes to try new things. And he also enjoys his downtime and snuggle time with his people. Mister Purple is going to live in the lower mainland in Vancouver. He’s actually going to live in an apartment! He’s going to be a great work partner for Lynette, and a playful companion for Tom. Purple is quite a bit of a homebody and he’s going to be very content with being in the apartment in an urban environment and he’ll enjoy his walks and time at the dog park. It’ll be a great life for him.