Mahogany-Lace are two weeks old

we have eyes!

The Mahogany Lace puppies have reached their first major milestone; they all have their eyes open.  Well hello world!  The puppies opened their eyes ahead of schedule at 10 days old.  This litter of labradoodles from Spirit and Kodiak is accomplishing virtually everything ahead of schedule.  They are an exceptionally bright group of puppies. 

Once their eyes opened, the puppies began to be more adventuresome in their explorations of the nest.  It wasn’t long before they were gazing in wonder at the shapes and colours around them.  Their vision is still very blurry but they are able to distinguish a few things.  At this point, they are still relying heavily on their sense of smell.  Their ears are still sealed shut so they don’t yet have any audio cues to help them assess what is going on in their world. 

Generally speaking we have the puppies in the maternity ward for the first 3 weeks, but the Mahogany Lace puppies are starting to walk out of the nest at just shy of 2 weeks old.  We improvised and set up an xpen around the nest so they would remain safe and warm during their explorations. 

2 week old labradoodle puppies, 2 chcocalates and two caramels, one chocolate and one caramel have fallen out of their bed!

Labradoodles are known for their intelligence but these puppies seem to be even more blessed than usual. 

CLose up of Lacey turning her head to the right, strong chocolate blaze on an otherwise caramel labradoodle puppy

Spirit continues to do an excellent job as a first time Mama labradoodle and you can see that by looking at her puppies.  All these beauties are plump little bundles of contentment.  We have not had to get up during the night at all with this litter as Spirit keeps the kids well fed, cozy warm and dry.  Spirit has always been fond of puppies and we’re really pleased it wasn’t just in the role of Auntie that held true. 

We have nicknamed the only female in the litter Lacey and she continues to impress us with her potential as a breeding prospect for Van Isle Labradoodles.  Bijoux’s granddaughter is a looker and also a talker!  Out of all the puppies, Lacey is the one whose voice we hear most regularly.  We are hopeful she will continue Bijoux’s legacy in the future.

Puppy Statistics

Puppy ID Current Weight Weight Gain Notes/Comments
Green Collar 1.069 kg 469 g This puppy exudes patience. He is uber calm and totally relaxed. A great eater as you can tell from his weight gain. A beautiful dog.
Orange Collar 956 g 506 g A great fellow who fits into any situation. He never fusses about anything, just goes with the flow. His ebony coat is striking.
Peach Collar 817 g 376 g A very calm puppy who enjoys being snuggled and held. One of the smaller puppies but not in terms of personna
No Collar Girl 804 g 356 g The smallest puppy but the loudest! This little lady doesn't hesitate to use her lungs when she doesn't like something! She is already growling at her brothers and bossing them around. I think she may have inherited Grandma Bijoux's temperament!
Grey Collar 913 kg 419 g Very sweet, gentle and quiet. This fellow is a total doll.
Black Collar 784 kg 363 g The smallest of the boys but not hesitant at all. This boy is friendly and confident. A happy guy.
Yellow Collar 1.012 kg 501 g This boy DOUBLED his weight almost. Guess who knows where to position himself at the milk bar?!?! A sweetie who is ahead of the learning curve.
Brown Collar 902 kg 405 g A total doll. This boy steals your heart in a second. His markings are stunning although they may change such that you can't see them as he matures but for now he is one handsome dood and a sweetie!
Green Collar
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Orange Collar
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Peach Collar
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Grey Collar
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Black Collar
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Yellow Collar
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Brown Collar
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