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Labradoodle Puppies’ First Week: Surprising Developmental Insights. Raynebow Rhapsody Week 1

Your Puppy’s 1st Milestone and how does your Australian Labradoodle navigate when their eyes and ears are sealed shut?

Join us as we explore fascinating aspects of puppy development, from being born with ears and eyes sealed shut, to the importance of doubling their birth weight in the first 10 days. You’ll also discover why a Labradoodle puppy may have a brown coat but be genetically black! We’ll update each puppy’s progress and share some heartwarming moments from our maternity room.

Whether you’re an avid dog lover, a proud pet parent, or someone curious about the wonders of nature, our post will entertain and educate you. So, grab your favourite beverage, settle in, and join us as we delve into these captivating puppy growth and development tails!

Navigating Without Eyes and Ears

Did you know that puppies are born with their eyes and ears sealed shut? This is nature’s way of protecting these tiny beings. When puppies are born, their neurological system isn’t mature enough to process external stimuli. Just imagine being suddenly exposed to all the lights, sounds, and sensations of the world – it would be quite overwhelming. So, nature shields these little ones until they’re ready.

Their eyes usually open first, around the 2-week mark, followed by their ears as their neurological system continues to mature. It’s a bit like a curtain slowly lifting, revealing the world to them piece by piece. Did you know this about puppies?

So, how do these puppies find their littermates and their way to mama’s milk bar with their eyes and ears sealed shut? Well, these little ones are equipped with heat sensors in their noses. That’s right, their noses guide them to the warmth of their siblings and mama’s milk bar. It’s their very own built-in GPS, leading them to nourishment and warmth. Nature sure is amazing, isn’t it?

How brown Labradoodle puppies can be black!

Sable is a pattern, not a colour in Australian Labradoodles. But, it influences the colour of the puppies.

Now for the plot twist in our puppy tale. We initially thought all the puppies were chocolate sables. But as their nose and foot pad pigment developed, it’s become clear that some of our little ones are black sable puppies. Even though they all have that beautiful shade of brown in their coats, some are genetically black just like Mama Rayne. Isn’t Nature full of surprises? The key is the nose and foot pad colours. Once the pigment comes in you can see that the pads and noses are black, not brown.

Red, Pink and yellow are all black sables. Everyone else is a chocolate sable Australian Labradoodle.

Check out our article: Labradoodle Colours and Patterns to learn more.

Mama Rayne Update

A first-time mom, Rayne has embraced motherhood and clearly enjoys her new little family.

Her appetite remains strong which is key to helping the puppies thrive. All the nutrition Rayne consumes goes straight into the milkbar for the puppies.

Rayne isn’t overly possessive. She respects her puppies’ space, allowing them to explore their surroundings and navigate their tiny world. Yet, she remains ever vigilant, ready to bark a warning at anyone getting too close to her precious litter.

Rayne has even shown us a glimpse of her creative side, rearranging her blankets within the whelping nest. At times, she has her puppies hidden in the towels and other times she creates a cosy nest within their nest, creating a warm, snug home.

Like human parents, a Mama dog plays an essential role in the early stages of her puppies’ lives, and Rayne is a great example of motherly love.

Check out Rayne’s Profile Page

Did The Puppies Make Their First Milestone?

Why a puppy needs to double their birth weight in the first week

These puppies could barely move just 7 days ago. In just the first week of their lives, they need to achieve a critical milestone – doubling their birth weight! When all you do is eat sleep and repeat, and your Mama has great nutrition, you can do it!

Doubling their birth weight in the first week or so is a significant milestone in a puppy’s life. Much like in human life, the early stages of a puppy’s life are all about laying down a strong foundation for future growth. If a puppy isn’t gaining weight well, it’s a sign that something might be off. Do you think all the puppies met their first milestone?

Pink Collar

Pink Collar girl is a confident puppy and easily doubled her birth weight to a sturdy 593 grams. Pink is part of our plot twist – she’s a black sable, not a chocolate sable. Her personality makes securing a spot at the milk bar a breeze.

Red Collar

Red Collar girl is the largest of our lively litter. Weighing 625 grams, she has effortlessly doubled her birth weight. Her stability ensures she maintains her chosen spot at the milk bar. And here’s a surprise – she’s a black sable, not a chocolate sable.

Green Collar

Green Collar boy has just hit the mark of doubling his birth weight, weighing in at a robust 526 grams. He’s a clever little fellow who prefers the front of the milk bar, where competition is less fierce.

Purple Collar

Next, we have our petite Purple Collar girl. With a weight of 515 grams, she stands just a tad shy of doubling her birth weight. Despite her small size, she displays a tenacity that is truly inspiring, always ensuring she gets her fill at the milk bar. Purple is the smallest puppy in the litter but a robust puppy nevertheless.

Blue Collar

Our Blue Collar boy, a tranquil achiever, has quietly reached his milestone of doubling his birth weight to a healthy 517 grams. He may be more subdued and occasionally nudged aside by his more boisterous siblings, but don’t be fooled – his growth is on track and thriving.

Orange Collar

Meet our spirited Orange Collar boy, a sprightly bundle of joy. Weighing in at 530 grams, he has successfully doubled his birth weight. His tenacity shines through in his relentless pursuit for a spot at the milk bar. And hold on to your hats – he’s a black sable, not a chocolate sable as we first thought!

Yellow Collar

Our precious Yellow Collar girl, a little dynamo, has impressively doubled her birth weight, tipping the scales at 586 grams! She’s a strong little one, having carved out a favourite spot at the back of the milk bar, where she enjoys her meal times.

That wraps up this week’s litter update. If you’re as eager as we are to see their next steps – perhaps some will open their eyes! – check back for next week’s update. We can’t wait to share more of their journey with you.

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