Razzle Dazzle are 6 weeks old

These four Razzle Dazzle pups are 6 weeks old and getting into all sorts of usual puppy mischief. They are very playful and fun-loving. They are all playing with toys, wrestling, shewing and biting everything they can to help get those teeth through. They play fight, growl and bark. This week they got to go outside and are learning to use the doggy door, its been an exciting week for them! They love playing outside and are a group of very confident and fun dogs. They are all fully weaned now, eating their raw diet of chicken, beef, turkey and some venison. They still get pablum and goats milk sometimes, as well as pumpkin.

Ripple Update

Ripple had a bit of a scare this week. We had to take her to the emergency vet, she just wasn’t herself. We ran several tests but couldn’t pinpoint exactly what was wrong. It turned out to be some sort of infection, so she is now on antibiotics and medication to clear that up. Which means she is not allowed to nurse the puppies anymore, she is sad about that but they have adjusted quite well. She has to wear a full body “surgical suit” to prevent the puppies from latching and trying to nurse. But she is back to being able to give them attention and licking them clean. Everyone is adjusting well and Ripple will be well taken care of while we figure out what exactly happened.

Puppy Updates


A lively puppy, very outgoing and not afraid of anything. She loves new experiences and is full of fun and adventure.


The biggest puppy in the litter and also the most confident and outgoing. She didn’t hesitate at all to explore outside for the first time. She is a rambunctious pup. She learned to use the doggie door first.


This little guy is wild and crazy, full of energy and fun. His upset tummy over the family visit week has resolved and his outgoing side has definitely come out.


He is the quietest of the group, but he isn’t shy or lacking confidence. He just prefers to assess the situation and see what everyone else is up to before he decides if its something he wants to do. He is very thoughtful and considerate.

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