Razzle Dazzle are seven weeks old

The dazzling Razzle Dazzle litter is already 7 weeks old! They have fully discovered that they are dogs this week. They have teeth and spend their days putting as much in their mouths as possible. They adore playing outside, playing with each other, playing with toys and just generally having a great time. They are outside as often as they can be, asking to go out so they can run around. They are doing quite well with using the pee pads as well, well on their way to being house trained.

Puppy Updates


Very confident little one. He loves to run out the door first thing in the morning so he can get to a busy day of chasing balls and ripping his toys apart.


Beautiful little tri-color. She is the quietest of the group, but that doesn’t mean she is particularly quiet. She is energetic, outgoing and lots of fun. She is a real go-getter who also enjoys her snuggles.


The little monkey of the litter. She is so curious and always getting into everything. She is the first to try new things, explore and check things out. She is fearless and has a lovely temperament to complement that.


This little guy used to be so quiet, but not anymore. He is really brave and confident now. Gone are the days where he stood uncomfortably outside unsure of what to do. He has a great time now and loves to run around outside.

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