Razzle Dazzle- Allocation Day

Razzle Dazzle are all ready to go home to their forever families. They have had their spay/neuter surgeries and are being picked up next week. Allocation day is exciting for the puppies, for us and especially for our new Van Isle Families!


The registered names for the Razzle Dazzle litter all follow a board game theme. All of our dogs are registered with WALA (Worldwide Australian Labradoodle Association)

Pink - Introducing Willow
Van Isle's Domino Effect

This little girl will be joining her family in Williams Lake. She is the second Van Isle puppy to move to Williams Lake. She will be going to work in the office with her Mom and Dad. Willow is a really outgoing little girl who loves meeting new people but she also knows when to be quiet. She will be a great office dog, able to recognize when to be quiet and when its time to go out and meet people. Willows journey to Williams Lake is going to be exciting, she will be going with Taylor on a seaplane to Vancouver International Airport, and then meet her parents and fly on a regular plane to Williams Lake. We are excited to hear how well she does with that!

Purple - Introducing Pika
Van Isle's Jigsaw

This big guy will be making his home in Richmond with a lovely young family including a little girl for him to grow up with. We chose Pika for this family because of his love of children, he is very gentle, kind and caring. He loves being held and cuddled, which will be great when his sister wants to dress him up or play with him. Pikas new Dad loves to go on adventure hikes and once this sturdy pup is over a year old, he will make a great hiking buddy. We know this family is going to be a great match with Pika, we can’t wait to see them grow together.

Blue- Introducing Blu
Van Isle's Twister

Blu is named after Don Cherrys dog, so he should have no problem remembering his name. Blu will be going to live in Delta with his new Mom and Dad, a recently retired couple who want to remain active and have someone to snuggle, spend time with and devote their days to. Blu is a great match for them, he is lots of fun and will love playing with the grandchildren. He will be excited to go for walks and to stay home to read or watch a movie. Blu is a very adaptable pup, he adores his snuggles and cuddles but will be equally happy to go for a car ride, shopping or any kind of adventure.

Red- Introducing Dottie
Van Isle's Connect the Dots

This little one is going to a guardian home in Campbell River. She is our new breeding prospect girl. We are so excited to continue Ripples line as she has given us such beautiful puppies. Dotties guardian Mom is a realtor, which is allows her a lot of flexibility with her schedule and allows Dottie to accompany her everywhere. I suspect the open houses are going to be a lot busier with Dottie there. We look forward to seeing the beautiful puppies little Dottie will give us in a few years.

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