Razzle Dazzle are 2 weeks old

These little guys have had some big accomplishments this week. Their eyes are open now, which means their little personalities are really starting to shine through. They are also up and walking around on all fours, so they are moving around more. Which works well for their other accomplishment, which is the ability to eliminate on their own now. By next week their ears will also be open and we will get to start playing music and getting them desensitized to noises.

Ripple is a bit of a diva. Some Moms are obsessive about keeping their pups sparkling clean, but our Ripple thinks that is more of a job for me than for her. So with the puppies eliminating on their own, I am spending a bit more time wiping them off and keeping them clean. Aside from that, Ripple is a very attentive mom, she has a good milk supply and is eating quite well for herself. She sleeps on her own most nights and is playing with the other dogs.

Ripple and the Razzle Dazzle litter are now sharing the maternity ward with Hazel and her Cinnamon Swirl litter. Ripple isn’t too keen on sharing, so she has been a little out of sorts because of the changes we’ve made to the arrangement in the maternity ward. She isn’t as free to come and go as she pleases as we have to keep both litters separated. Hormonal new Moms can be the sweetest dogs but if they feel someone is too close to their babies, there can be fights. Since we obviously don’t want any fighting, we have an X-pen separating the 2 litters, requiring Ripple to ask when she wants to go outside. She doesn’t like that very much, but overall has adjusted well.

Puppy Update

Current Weight: 865g
Weight Gain: 327g

We suspect this little girl is a tri-color but will find out after we do DNA testing. She is a bit more livelier and talkative than her sister, but is very lovely and sweet.

Current Weight: 942g
Weight Gain: 313g

The biggest puppy in the litter, a little chunky monkey. She is very relaxed, calm and content. With a beautiful white face and open eyes, she is just beautiful.

Current Weight: 830g
Weight Gain: 271g

He has the most black on him and we suspect he is also a Tri-color. He is very calm and relaxed, he doesn’t mind at all being picked up and held.

Current Weight: 942g
Weight Gain: 313g

He is the smallest and will sometimes fall asleep while nursing, which is why he’s still the smallest. He opened his eyes first, a few hours before Pink did. He is also possibly another Tri-color.  

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