Shake It Up are 5 weeks olds

These guys are weaning now so that Breezy can go home to her guardians soon. She nurses for three minutes at a time now, three times a day. When Breezy goes home we will start letting the puppies outside through the doggy door. They are eating quite well and have moved on from pablum to a mixture of raw meat with goats milk and pumpkin.

Breezy has been an amazing mom to these 11 puppies. She is doing well, hasn’t lost too much weight and her coat is looking very good. She seems to have really enjoyed being a mom and handled this large litter so well. But I’m sure she will be very happy to be back home with her guardians soon.

Puppy Updates


The smallest puppy in the litter. She is an absolute angel. Very quiet, sweet and calm. Very nice even temperament and a little love bug. She loves to be held and cuddled. She takes new situations in stride and never worries about anything.


Another little sweetheart, she is very soft, gentle and quiet. She is a bit more outgoing than Peach but is very calm and mild mannered. She doesn’t get too worried about things and if she does a quick cuddle will fix it.


One of the bigger puppies, he spent some time nursing with Hazel but he is back with his littermates now. He can be quite vocal, he is quite happy to make sure we all know when it is time to eat and to check on the location of everyone. He will be very good at communicating with his humans.


This little gorgeous girl is our major communicator. She doesn’t hint that it is time to eat, she tells us with no doubt she is about to starve. Eventually that will probably change, but she is a very confident and outgoing puppy.

Dark Blue

The only sable in the group, this gorgeous girl is very affectionate. During the family visits she was snuggled up with one of the mommys and was just the happiest she could be. A super affectionate and beautiful puppy.

Light Blue

One of the smaller puppies who is often very lively, full of energy and fun. Loves exploring, chewing on bones and playing tug of war with toys. A very adventurous puppy. We look forward to when they start going outside, I suspect this one will be first out the door.


Beautiful shiny black puppy who is super affectionate and responds very well to humans. Loves being cuddled and takes a lot of comfort from being around people. Adventurous and loves to play with toys. Quite fond of lamb neck bones as well. A very nice puppy.


One of the bruisers in the litter this extreme parti is showing some phantom markings, which could indicate her being a sable or a phantom. Without doing a DNA test we are unsure at this stage. She interacts very well with people and loves having human contact to play with and rub her belly.


The biggest puppy, this little guy is a big gentle giant. He is a super suck, so sweet, soft and loving. He forms strong bonds with his people and all he wants to do is be near them. His markings are unique and he is a beautiful puppy inside and out.


One of the tiny puppies who happens to also be a real cutie pie. She adores people and loves to be picked up and held. She has adorable white marks on her feet and chest. She makes strong eye contact and bonds quite well with people.


One of the more outgoing of the group, she is full of fun and excitement. She loves being in the middle of everything, whether that’s puppies or people or toys. She just wants to be in the center of it, fully engaged. She has a sweet little beauty mark and a little black dot on her nose, which makes her quite adorable.

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