Purple Collar

Purple is a caramel tuxedo.  The nose pigment is just starting to fill in.  Purple has a brown nose.  Purple is a sweet puppy who is outgoing, friendly and quick to learn.  Purple knows when the gate opens that it is feeding time and is quick to run out to enjoy a meal.  Purple weighs 1.42 kgs.

black and white puppy being held and facing the camera with a blue distressed wood background

Orange Collar

Orange is a darker shade of caramel tuxedo with brown pigment on her nose that is starting to fill in.  Orange is middle of the pack and gets on with her siblings and is a very gentle girl.  She doesn’t even complain when she gets her face wiped after eating. Orange weighs 1.38 kgs.

Caramel and white labrdoodle puppy. Puppy has phantom markings. Lots of white on the puppy's head and feet.

Green Collar

Mr. Green is the biggest puppy in terms of his size and his personality.  Green is always giving us the giggles with his antics.  He likes to move around the entire pan of food and eat from all sides of the dish.  Green collar is a black and white abstract puppy who is lively and weights 1.8 kgs.

Black Collar

Black collar is a tan puppy with black pigment.  The black nose and lips means Black collar is a red puppy, not a caramel.  Black has lots of beautiful white tuxedo markings.  Black is a quieter girl who likes to watch the other puppies and then follow along.  She is a really good eater and weighs 1.48 kgs.

Grey Collar

Grey is a gorgeous ebony puppy with white, abstract markings.  This puppy has doll-like features with the perfect symmetry of the white markings.  This is a quieter puppy who enjoys being a groupie and doesn’t want to stand out.  Grey is not a leader at this point in time.  A delightful temperament overall and grey weighs 1.38 kgs. 

Red Collar

Red collar is the only chocolate puppy in this litter and she is a beautiful phantom.  Red has brown points similar to a Yorkie and she also has incredible white markings on her head, face, toes and chest.  A very unique and beautiful puppy.  Red is one of the quieter and calmer puppies who takes her cues from the other dogs.  Red weighs 1.4 kgs. 

Chocolate phantom labradoodle puppy being held. Puppy is chocolate with copper markings and a white nose and legs.

Brown Collar

Brown is a light caramel, tuxedo with a brown nose.  Brown has an adorable ear-set.  The ears are set high up on the head which lends quite the cute look to Brown’s face overall.  This puppy is also on the quieter side and is best friends with Red collar and Black collar.  Brown is the smallest puppy in the group at 1.25 kgs.

Yellow Collar

Yellow also has black pigment and so is another red puppy.  Yellow has some pretty, white, abstract markings but is not a tuxedo.  Yellow is a very affectionate puppy who responds to people strongly.  She is always listening for the gate and comes right out to see who is coming in to be with her.  Yellow gets her cues from people and weighs 1.5 kgs.

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