Spring Fling Week 5 Update

Puppy Update

The puppies are having fun with their new adventure box this week.  This helps the puppies learn to enjoy new experiences and not be afraid of unexpected sounds and movements.  The puppies also have a small slide to play with.  This also helps them learn to embrace new adventures.  Labradoodles are an intelligent breed and enrichment with various activities such as the adventure box are important to keep them engaged and mentally satisfied.  Mental stimulation and satisfaction is as important as physical exercise.

 Labradoodles are an intelligent breed and enrichment with various activities such as the adventure box are important to keep them engaged and mentally satisfied.


Purple is right in the middle of the litter in terms of his temperament.  He is neither a leader nor a follower.  Purple is gregarious, happy and loves to meet new people and new dogs.  Purple is a gregarious Labradoodle puppy. 


Black frequently has growls and tries to appear to be the boss with the other puppies.  She is not the boss of the litter at all but she likes to make the other puppies think she is the tough one in the group. 


Green is the biggest puppy in the litter and also one of the sweetest.  He acquiesces to the other dogs readily for all things.  A very easy-going Labradoodle who just likes to get along with the world and give kisses. 


Yellow is such an affectionate puppy.  She establishes very strong eye contact and lives for snuggles.  Yellow much prefers people to her littermates.  Yellow is always first at the gate to be picked up and give her people big kisses. 


Brown has the fluffiest coat of all these Labradoodle puppies right now.  Brown is very angelic, quiet and a follower.  Brown adores being snuggled and being held by people.  Brown much prefers to be with people than rough housing with the others.


Orange is always asking to be picked up and cuddled.  This puppy would be happy to be held all day long and give kisses to her people.  Orange also enjoys playing with her brothers and sisters and being outside.


A very friendly puppy who is often picked by visitors to Van Isle Labradoodles as their favourite.  She adores children and is very friendly with all people.  Silver is another puppy who prefers being with humans than her littermates. 


Red collar is a very well-balanced puppy.  She is a confident puppy who enjoys playing with the other puppies, meeting new people and adores children.  Red was the first puppy to conquer the slide and enjoy playing with the adventure box. 

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