“Spirit Bear” by Maximilian Helm (cc-by-2.0)

We are so pleased to announce Spirit has now passed all her health testing with flying colours and will be part of the Van Isle Doodle team.  This fun loving, gorgeous blonde bombshell won our hearts the moment she was born to our Bijoux (Fernridge Star Debut at Van Isle Doodles) and Bert (Canadian Doodles Alberta Bound (Bert)).  Spirit was named for her resemblance to a Spirit Bear from the Great Rainforest and she certainly resembles a bear with her full straight coat (non-shedding) and is a real bear for affection.

Spirit is technically an apricot tuxedo but her white tuxedo markings are invisible due to her gorgeous creamy colour.  Her apricot is also pretty much indistinguishable and just a hint of it shows on her ears and along the top of her back.  Spirit carries for chocolate thanks to her Daddy Bert so her puppies will be a rainbow of colours depending on who the sire of her litters are.

Spirit loves to be cuddled and sings a little song of greeting whenever one of her special people are within her sight.  Her song is very soft but is clearly full of love and excitement to see you which never fails to warm my heart.

Spirit is currently participating in Rally Obedience classes and enjoys learning what is expected of her and fulfilling those requests.  Always obliging, Spirit actively seeks out what it is her humans would like her to do and then does her utmost to please them.

Spirit is a perfect size, a true medium weighing 34 lbs. and standing about 18.5 inches at the shoulder.  She is not too big for smaller children to be around and large enough to stand up to the demands of larger children!  Spirit loves to be outdoors and participating in family activities but is not a high energy dog who requires endless amounts of exercise.  When outdoors, Spirit is quite content to wander around checking things out, sniffing and finding her favourite thing in the world, a good stick to chew on.

We can’t wait for Spirit to give us some puppies with her lovely soft temperament and beautiful looks in the winter of 2017/2018.  Welcome Spirit!

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