8 weeks flew by and our Milky Way puppies have all left us for their furever homes now.  We will miss their lovely little labradoodle faces smiling at us in greeting us every morning and all the snuggles these affectionate puppies like to share with their people.  Thankfully, we still have another two litters to give us our fill of labradoodle puppy love!

Woman holding labradoodle puppy
Woman and her daughter holding lasbradoodle puppy

At Van Isle Doodles we pride ourselves in giving our families a puppy who is well on their way to being house trained, is familiar with and enjoys their crate, who is accustomed to being on their own and not always with their littermates and who has been exposed to as many different situations and people as we can pack into the short 8 weeks we have our little doodles with us.

Man and wife holding labradoodle puppy

Labradoodles are well known for their intelligence, eagerness to please and learn so it makes our job much easier.  We also spend a significant amount of time making the best possible match between our puppies and our families.  While we have families who are located in different areas such as Vancouver, Chilliwack, Squamish, Whistler, Calgary, Edmonton, Campbell River, New York and even the UK and other European countries, our tried and true system and interaction with our puppy families has earned us a 100% success rate in matching the right puppy with the right people.

At Van Isle Doodles we have multiple requests from families with special requirements for a labradoodle who is able to assist them with those needs.  Nothing makes us prouder than to hear the success stories from our puppy placements working with autism, down syndrome, extreme shyness, cystic fibrosis, abuse and other conditions.  It warms our hearts to know these individuals’ lives flourish as a result of being connected with one of our most amazing doodle puppies.  We have several lines we continue to develop specifically for these unique circumstances.  We allocate additional time for these families in order to learn more about them and how best one of our puppies will assist everyone in the family unit.

couple with their new labradoodle puppy

Here are some of the comments from the Milky Way puppy families now that they have spent some time with their puppy in their own homes:

“Well, as you can imagine, Beau was a real sweetheart on the way home. He peed a fountain onto the ferry parking lot but was not alarmed at all by the parked cars. He really relaxed in the car and stretched out beside me to sleep on the seat all the way across. He didn’t mind the car at all. I kept the pee pad that he used the first time and put it out the door at home where his potty area is and he has consistently gone every time I took him out and no accidents. I had left his crate open during the night because he didn’t like the door closed with a pee pad in the laundry room (right off our kitchen) with him but he didn’t use it and waited until this morning to pee outside! I only got up once to check on him and he had moved out of the crate to the floor, which I didn’t think was comfortable, so I put him back inside the crate and he didn’t mind, just went back to sleep like a gem.”

“Thought I would tell you while i have sec that Poppy had a fabulous sleep! Went into her crate no problem and slept the whole night without whining until Gregor woke us up this morning at about 6:40!”

“Stanley’s first day home has gone really well! Stella was very excited to meet her little brother. After the initial greeting we kept them apart for most of the evening, then they had some controlled play time with lots of tail wagging. Stanley’s an adorable little dog who’s going to fit right in with our pack! Thanks for all the work you’ve done to ready the puppies for their new families.”

"Michael really warmed up to the idea of Beau once he realized he was such a quiet sweetie and has progressed to petting him and saying good night sweetly with some baby talk that I’ve never heard before."

All well here. Sailor is settling in. We love him dearly. He is certainly a handsome puppy as any passerby will attest to.

Van Isle Doodles is so fortunate to have found a marvelous Guardian Home for our little keeper beauty from this litter – Cinder Ella.  Ella will be living a life full of love and cuddles with her new furever family, Donna and Russ.  We know Ella will be well cared for and are excited for her future as a prospective breeding girl with Van Isle Doodles.  We know this gorgeous black beauty will make some delicious labradoodle puppies for us in the future once we have all our health clearances in place.  We are currently looking for Guardian Families for puppies from our Moving On Up litter and encourage qualified applicants contact us as these puppies will be headed to their new homes in just a couple of weeks.

We thank all of our wonderful families for their care and dedication to our puppies.  We have enjoyed getting to know all of you better, spending time with you and look forward to a long relationship with regular updates and photos of the kids!  Congratulations everyone and welcome all to the Van Isle Doodles family!

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