Sable Biscuit

| Late 2022

Noisette and Cloud are both sable labradoodles. Noisette is a mini and Cloud is a large mini. Together these 2 will create a delicious combination of sable labradoodles ranging from mini through to large mini in size. The puppies will each be unique with slightly different hues of chocolate through to caramel. Sable is distinctive and such an interesting pattern for labradoodles. Every dog is different and it takes time for the final coat colour to emerge.

Noisette and Cloud are both devoted to their families. They enjoy snuggles as well as family travels and adventure. They have lots of stamina and are well able to enjoy going for a good hike, an ocean swim or a more sedate stroll around the neighbourhood greeting friends.

Social, loyal, intelligent and stunning are the keywords associated with this group of puppies. Noisette tends to be a bit quicker with her cycles so don’t be surprised if these puppies come into the world in December rather than January. Either way, one of these labradoodle puppies will mean a new year in 2023 filled with puppy kisses and endless smiles.

Important Dates*
Expected Cycle Date: November 2022
Expected Birth Date: January 2023
Expected Going Home Date: March 2023

*All dates subject to Mother Nature. Studs may change at breeder’s discretion.

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