Wala Registration: Austin Texas Two Step WALA00007439
Name: Austynn
Date of Birth: 10 October 2018
Colour: Apricot/Red
Size: Medium, 17. inches, 28 lbs.
Coat: Straight, fleece coat
Health: OFA hips, elbows eyes all normal PPG Panel all clear

Our gentle girl with the soulful eyes, Austynn, passed away unexpectedly on June 17, 2021.  At the time of her passing, Austynn was just days away from her due date with 9 puppies.  Similarly to pregnant humans, sometimes when a pregnant dog is sleeping, she lies in a position that restricts the return flow of blood to the heart.  This is what happened to Austynn.  Austynn was sleeping right next to us and she simply slipped from this world to the next without a sound.  We take comfort knowing neither she or her puppies suffered in any way.

Austynn’s sweet spirit lives on through her 18 puppies and 2 grandchildren.  Our own dogs, Tig, Misha and Penny are all breeding prospects we have retained from Austynn.  Each one of these Austynn babies give us that same feeling of comfort Austynn exuded so strongly.  Her spirit shines through in each of her puppies.

Austynn came to us from our good breeder friends at what was then, Austin labradoodles.

We choose Austynn for a variety of reasons but particularly because she was an earlier generation Australian labradoodle with no related lines to the Van Isle lines. This presented a wonderful opportunity for us to add some new genetics and create some unique new lines for our program.

Little did we know this little dynamo would capture our hearts from the moment we set eyes on her. Austynn’s eyes are the epitome of the saying – windows to the soul. Austynn could communicate more with her eyes than any author in any language. And most of what she would convey was compassion, love and a genuine desire to bring joy to everyone she met.

Austynn was a remarkable dog with incredible intuition and spirituality. While our hearts are shattered from her loss, they are, at the same time, overflowing with the love she continues to fill us with. Austynn is always with us. She is a whisper on our necks, a caress in our hair and a gentle paw on our hearts. Run free baby girl.

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