Wala Registration: Austin Texas Two Step WALA00007439
Name: Austynn
Date of Birth: 10 October 2018
Colour: Apricot/Red
Size: Medium, 17. inches, 28 lbs.
Coat: Straight, fleece coat
Health: OFA hips, elbows eyes all normal PPG Panel all clear

Austynn came to us from Texas, hence her name.  We changed up the spelling as her guardian home has a child named Austin.  Austynn adores living with the 2 young children in her guardian home.  Her open, friendly and kind mannerisms make her the perfect fit for a family situation.

Austynn enjoys living with one of our other labradoodles, GiGi and the two of them are very close.  Austynn is the type of girl who can’t wait to share all of her love and affection with everyone she meets be they a person, dog or cat.  She is full of love and fun.

Austynn has a gorgeous red caramel coat and also carries for chocolate.  We know Austynn’s puppies will be full of cuddles and ideal for families with children or anyone who wants all of that unconditional love that labradoodles are so famous for.

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